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10 Must-Have AI Tools for Your Daily Workflow



In the age of artificial intelligence, our daily workflows have become more efficient and productive thanks to a wide range of AI-powered tools. While chatbots like ChatGPT and Midjourney get a lot of attention, there are several other practical AI assistants that can significantly enhance your daily work routine. In this article, we will explore 10 must-have AI tools that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow to boost productivity, creativity, and effectiveness.

  1. Anthropic’s Claude – Summarizing Long-Form Content

    • Claude, similar to ChatGPT, offers a unique advantage with its large 100,000 token context window.
    • Use Claude to summarize lengthy research papers or PDFs into concise bullet points, making dense information easily digestible.
    • Website: Claude
  2. Perplexity Chrome Extension – Summarizing Web Content

    • This browser extension lives right in your browser and summarizes web pages.
    • Get quick 1-paragraph summaries of long blog posts or articles to grasp core ideas effortlessly.
    • It also helps you search for specific tools or information on websites.
    • Website: Perplexity
  3. Taplio – AI-Powered Personal Branding on LinkedIn

    • Taplio’s AI generates complete, viral posts for personal branding on LinkedIn.
    • It goes beyond text and creates visual LinkedIn carousels, saving you time in building a following.
    • You can customize and fine-tune the AI’s drafts before posting.
    • Website: Taplio
  4. Adobe Enhance Speech – Audio Quality Enhancement

    • This tool uses AI to clean up low-quality audio, making it ideal for improving muffled phone recordings or distorted speeches.
    • It magically enhances audio quality, even when using low-quality microphones.
    • Website: Adobe Enhance Speech
  5. ElevenLabs – Custom Synthetic Voices
    • With ElevenLabs, you can create custom synthetic voices for podcasts, dialogue replacements, and text-to-speech.
    • The AI is capable of cloning anyone’s voice, and the synthesized audio sounds remarkably convincing.
    • Website: ElevenLabs
  6. Adobe Firefly – AI-Powered Image Editing

    • Firefly simplifies AI-powered image editing, allowing you to add objects, change backgrounds, and modify elements in photos seamlessly.
    • The results look realistic, making it a valuable tool for image editing.
    • Website: Adobe Firefly
  7. Feedly Leo – Personalized News Curation

    • Feedly Leo uses AI to curate news and articles tailored to your specific interests.
    • It filters out noise and delivers highly relevant content daily, keeping you informed in your niche.
    • Website: Feedly Leo
  8. MyMind – Centralized

    Content Repository

    • MyMind is an AI-powered tool for saving webpages, notes, tweets, videos, and more in one centralized, searchable place.
    • Its AI automatically tags content, making it easy to find later, making it an excellent tool for research.
    • Website: MyMind
  9. Google Workspace – AI-Enhanced Google Apps
    • Google Workspace has integrated AI capabilities across its apps.
    • Docs generates outlines and templates, Sheets creates structured tables, and Gmail assists in writing better emails with AI suggestions.
    • Website: Google Workspace
  10. Leonardo – AI-Powered Image Generation

    • Leonardo is an AI-powered image generation tool that allows you to create realistic images and art from text prompts.
    • It provides 150 credits daily for generating story images, making it a valuable tool for creative projects.
    • Website: Leonardo


Incorporating these 10 practical AI assistants into your daily workflow can significantly enhance your productivity, creativity, and effectiveness. While chatbots like ChatGPT and Midjourney have their place, these AI tools offer specialized functionalities that cater to various aspects of your daily tasks, from content summarization to audio enhancement and image editing. Embrace the power of AI to streamline your work and stay ahead in an increasingly automated world.

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