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What is Blockchain? How does it work

Blockchain is a decentralized database that holds a continuously growing list of records or transactions in real time. Each set of transactions is stored together as a block, which is connected to a succession of other blocks in chronological order. Each block uses a digital signature that makes them verifiable, permanent, transparent, and extremely secure.

Art of Living: Make Your Life Meaningful

There is a marked difference between people who passively float along with the current and people who are committed to passionate living. While the former gradually resign themselves to their mundane life of passivity, the latter make their lives deeply meaningful for themselves and also for others.

Layman’s guide to Website and How the website works

Are you running a business, and you want to create a website or blog for your business? This article is for you. Our goal here is to provide knowledge on everything you need to know if you own or thinking of owning a website for your personal or business use.

Life as a Journey

Every journey has a purpose, a beginning and an end. In life we make frequent journeys to various places; we journey for business, for vacation, for pilgrimage and for hundreds of other reasons.

Best Free Blogging Platforms of 2019

Blog is the shorter form of weblog, which is an online journal or informational website displaying information or posts in a reverse chronological order. All posts or information are timestamped and the latest post will appear first in the blog. It’s a platform for writers or for people to express their thought on the world wide web. Over the years appearance and features of the blog has been changed based on the readers requirements. In today’s post we are going to see the best free blogging platforms of 2019 that you can give it a try.

Humans are Aliens

Expert says Humans are Aliens — and we were brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago

Follow Your Compass, Not Your Clock

Time is the most precious commodity, and just about everyone is short of it. I call this act of living a time-challenged existence as...

When Things Go Wrong – Speak Good Words

We often waste our words without paying attention to what effects they may produce. Words are to be used to build up our lives, to bring good, to bring us closer to one another, to unite us.

Fireproof Your Marriage : 40 Day Love Challenge

Many of you have probably heard about or even seen the movie, Fireproof, about one man’s story to save his marriage. It is a...

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