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Art of Living: Importance of Time and Living in the Moment

Yes, everything you will miss if you miss this. This moment. Time and time again. Don't miss. This moment. This life. Because everything will go away, one day. Treat time like your best friend. Live in the present. She'll take care of everything else.

How does Learning Management System help employees in combating cyber-attacks?

When we consider cybersecurity, one of the weakest links found in the entire cyberinfrastructure of an organization is its employees. According to the statistics, 90% of the cyber-attacks occur due to the negligence of employees. It, therefore, becomes the organization’s moral responsibility to strengthen this weak link.

Do you think hard work is the important reason for success?

If it’s true, construction workers will be the wealthiest people in the world. There are so many people who work hard day and night to make their living. So, the real truth is hard work is not only the success formula.

OPPO Reno – Further Your Vision: A Knowlab View

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is about seeing the world from completely new perspectives. The technology behind Reno 10x Zoom elevates photography and mobile entertainment to all-new heights. Let Reno 10x Zoom further your vision.

Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startup Teams

Being an entrepreneur isn’t that easy, you have a vision and put yourself to it and started moving towards that vision. You have to stay focused on reaching your goals. Here we bring some important tools for entrepreneurs and for their teams to bring their work handy and to easily manage their projects along with their team.

The sales challenge in restaurants: How you can overcome it

The unique part about running a restaurant is that often you can hardly do any on-site selling. That’s because your guests mostly come to your restaurant with a fairly good idea of what they’re going to have. Also, they come with a ballpark figure of how much it’d cost them to have a meal in your restaurant.

The Earth I want to See When I Grow Up

An Earth where trees are planted very often, where animals and birds that were in danger of extinction have regained their habitat and the people are aware of what is happening around them and participate wholeheartedly in making their planet a green and clean one - these are my dreams and this is how I would want my mother Earth to be when I grow up.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is transforming various industries and the impact of Al in Healthcare to be truly life-changing. Already, it has been used to detect diseases and is helping to make better health decisions.

Important Lessons Every Young Entrepreneur Must Learn from Taylor Swift

Source: This article was originally published in Trinity Business Review by Shreya Pattar I’m sure you must have jammed to ‘Shake It Off’ at some point...

How can AI adoption Change the Perception of Education?

Al has already been applied to education to develop skills, as Al educational solutions continue to mature, the hope is that Al adoption can change the perception of education.

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