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The Game of Life: Subtle Art of Comeback

Life is complicated. We shouldn’t waste time finding answers because each time we do see the answer, life changes the questions. Sounds familiar, right?...

7 Tech Trends for Future Entrepreneurs

As innovation has turned out to be increasingly more troublesome over the most recent couple of years, it has turned out to be critical...

Artificial Intelligence in Automobiles for the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) and self-driving cars are often complimentary topics in technology. Simply put, you cannot really discuss one without the other. When you think...

12 Things You Should Never Say at Work

Saying the wrong thing never feels great – but at work, it can be truly horrible. Working life is made up of lots of...

Art of Living: Change Your Attitude to Change Your Life

Do you know what’s amazing about being alive? We simply have the opportunity to live! But unfortunately, many people aren’t really living, they are just existing. We shouldn’t have to be alive just to exist, we should be alive to live our lives. We are so lucky to be here and it can be easy to forget that.

Healthy Practices for a Happy Married Life

All it takes is two people madly in love, who trust and respect each other to make a happy relationship, we agree! Having a partner doesn’t make a relationship successful. Neither do diamonds, flowers or other expensive gifts. These things can’t improve bonding in a relationship. It’s the little things that can make your partner happy and deepen the bond.

Libra – A global crypto-currency by Facebook that gonna empowers billions of people in...

Facebook announced a new digital currency on Tuesday (18-06-2019) called "Libra." The company is partnering with 27 other businesses and organizations to start the crypto as an open-source currency.

Best Artificial Intelligence Powered Apps for Android & iOS in 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a smart and effective way to save time and be productive all the way. The above-listed apps can help you explore the power of artificial intelligence. Let’s see what’s more to come in the future because everyone loves to work smart, not hard – and the power of artificial intelligence is all about working smart without breaking the sweat.

Why You Should Embrace Being Yourself

When you’re being your authentic self, you are actually making yourself more attractive. You are so beautiful when you’re being you. I know you may not think it’s true, but you are.

Benefits of Laughter: Laugh Your Way Into A Long And Healthy Life

Laughter is the most delightful sound in the world. Humans have been laughing since before they learnt how to talk. We have probably been hearing the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine”, ever since our school days, and it was then that we put it into practice laughing a hundred times a day.

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