Sunday, January 29, 2023
bitcoin vs ethereum

Bitcoin vs Ethereum. The Differences of Two Major Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the two names that stand out the most are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is the first and biggest cryptocurrency,...

How to give your mind and body the love it deserves

Without the fear of feeling frustrated, challenged, or tired, there are a million little ways of giving your body some affection.

Safety and Health Management for Frontliners: How to Protect them?

It has been more than a year since a global health crisis took the world by storm. What began as a minor outbreak soon...

What Will Happen if Humans Disappear Suddenly?

The earth would be totally chaotic if humans suddenly disappeared. 1) Just a few hours after human disappear, lights around the world will shut down 2)...

Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limbs

People who have achieved extraordinary successes in their life are the ones who have failed the most. As common people, we learn about these people once they have made it big. We admire their achievements but we fail to witness their struggle they went through to get there. Finally, we left to compare ourselves with their achievements. This way of thinking puts us in depression.

Easy Care Tips to Keep Pearls Looking Like New

Pearls are timeless. They are also a great investment piece. These stones are the perfect addition to any necklace, bracket, ring, or anklet. Pearls...
virtues of life

13 Virtues To Live By and Ways To Love Yourself

In 1726, at the age of 20, Benjamin Franklin devised a list of 13 virtues to live by for as long as possible, in...

Google Algorithm Updates Explained

Google’s algorithms are a complex system used to retrieve data from its search index and instantly deliver the best possible results for a query. The search engine uses a combination of algorithms and numerous ranking signals to deliver webpages ranked by relevance on its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Latest in AI and its Applications

AI is becoming a disruptive force that is redefining the modern industry. This article features some exciting applications of AI, along with a glimpse into the future, illustrating how AI will continue to transform industries and our lives.
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Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

While weddings happen to be beautiful and exciting, at the same time, they can also be absolutely overwhelming, especially for the bride and groom....

Social Skills To Practice

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What is Search Engine Optimization? How does SEO Work?

Introduction Search engine optimization is a very important part of website management in the current online world. Without good SEO, your website will languish in...

Are YOU feeling LOW in Life?

Feeling low is a very common occurrence when we find ourselves in a state of limbo. Please don’t despair; it’s TEMPORARY. Embrace it, Live it to survive it.

Habits that Helped to Get My Life Together

Sometimes life can be chaotic and out of your control. For the most part, we tend to have a lot of control over our life. There are three habits that really help anyone to shape their life.

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