artificial intelligence

Incredible Moments, When Artificial Intelligence Shocked the World

Several sci-fi movies like Terminator terrifies us with moments  how self-aware artificial intelligence robots that can be a threat to our existence. In reality, many people believe that today's artificial intelligence is only capable...

Off-market Properties: Why They Are a Sound Investment

The US housing properties market saw a surge during the pandemic after the US Federal Reserve lowered interest rates. Even as the surge lasted until the new year, it dissipated after home prices increased...

Texting Etiquette for Professional Success in Business

Although texting is easy, it’s easy to send the wrong message, have your message and intent lost in translation and annoy clients, lose relationships. We’ve all been there. So here are a few tips on how to...
google search

7 Key Features of Google Search Console

As an SEO or website owner, you can communicate with Google using the Google Search Console, also known as Google Webmasters Tool. Here are the Top 7 features which I use in the Google search...

Defeating Business Risks: Practices for Marketing Risk Management

Any business that wishes to promote its products, service, or entire brand requires a working marketing strategy. With good marketing, you can learn more about your target customers, make more sales, and enhance your...
Turnkey Solution

Why are Turnkey Solutions Popular in the iGaming Business

Many online casinos and betting businesses are choosing turnkey software solutions because it allows them to integrate ready-made software into their platforms and simplify their daily operations and services. It helps them increase their...
mobile game

Are You Launching a Mobile Game? Plan It Well with These Ideas

Mobile game benefit from the increasing use and penetration of mobile devices. According to App Annie, which analyzes mobile data, these products will make over $120 billion in revenues in 2021. If that happens,...
ray-ban stories

Ray-Ban Stories: Smart Glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban

It is the mission of Facebook Reality Labs to build tools that help people feel connected, whenever and wherever they are. With virtual and augmented reality as the next computing platform for humans. Ray-Ban...

CBL-Mariner: Microsoft’s Linux Distribution

In recent years, Microsoft has shown much more love for Linux. This is evident in the Windows Subsystem for Linux.  In 2016, Microsoft introduced Windows Subsystem for Linux. Since then, users have been installing Linux...
google ai

How Google Using Artificial Intelligence in its Products

Google is one of the tech giants who exemplarily working on its own AI products and also focussing its efforts on incorporating Artificial Intelligence into a variety of its own existing services, let’s take...