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Everyday is an OPPORTUNITY to Excel in Life

Everyday is an opportunity to Begin again at a failed task Improve yourself and be a better person Learn from yesterday's mistake Do more of the things you love Be a happier and a...
The Worst Day In your Life

The Worst Day In Your Life

In an interview, Bill Gates was asked a question. "WHAT'S THE WORST DAY IN YOUR LIFE?" He didn't say, "the day someone threw cake on his face, or when he had to pay 1.3 billion...

10 SureFire Tips To Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram Insights is a wonderful opportunity for all business marketers, and the Instagram story is one of the most top feature lists.

Social media Best practices to maintain Data security and Data privacy

Since we live in the digital era, it is important to make sure that our data privacy and data security is under our control. Social media statistics from 2019 says that an overall 3.5 billion...

13 YouTube Marketing Ideas For Beginners To Grow Their Channel

There are a lot of strategies to develop a YouTube channel. In the post, we will discuss the important tips to improve YouTube channel for beginners.

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Job, to Live Your Life Purposefully

They say —“Life is all about taking risks. Take a risk. Follow your dreams, Quit your job.” We had always heard about- How highly risk-takers are successful? How they quit their job just to pursue their dreams? We idolize...

How a High-Performing Phone Can Help You Manage Your Money Better

During economically troubled times, it’s highly essential to be financially smart. According to economists, now is the perfect moment to start thinking creatively about saving and adding new income streams. This way, should the...

Why Is Networking Important For A Freelancer?

In my intense overthinking sessions, I started thinking about the people I met lately, and that made me ask why networking is important for a freelancer?

How to give your mind and body the love it deserves

Without the fear of feeling frustrated, challenged, or tired, there are a million little ways of giving your body some affection.

How Do You Set Up a Company Step by Step?

Starting a business involves understanding and dealing with many problems - legal, financial, marketing and marketing, intellectual property protection, debt protection, human resources, and more. But business interests are very high. And there have...