Dear Medium Writers,

We are happy to introduce

Medium Stories – A one stop hub for all Medium Stories

The IDEA behind Medium Stories

Medium is a wonderful place to write content, build an audience, and get paid for your writing. As a Medium Writer every Writers are struggling to make their content to reach the potential readers. We have been planning for a while to create a community for Writers and Bloggers to reach out. As an initial step, we have created a Facebook Group. But Facebook groups are limited for vide readers.

To reach the potential readers we are creating the Facebook and LinkedIn pages called Medium Stories.

The idea is to each medium writers will get permission to post their stories on these pages and these pages will be reaching to the public. It will increase the content reach of every writers story.

How to Get Yourself in Medium Stories

  1. Fill this form:
  2. Follow the Facebook Page:
  3. Follow the LinkedIn Page:
  4. Follow the Medium Profile:
  5. That’s it. Now, wait for the confirmation email from Editorvab

More details will be updated here.