How to Supercharge your creativity

  • Think and walk – creativity improves upto 60% while walking
  • Meditate – you start to see things more clearly and become more present
  • Diversify – Learn things outside of your comfort zone, you can’t think outside the box if you never leave the box

Do these things daily

  • Start your day off the right way – Have a morning routine. Get up earlier. Take time for yourself. Have a healthy Breakfast, Enjoy your coffee, Reflect on your goals.
  • Declutter your mind – We accumulate thoughts in our minds. If you don’t put them in writing (in whatever way), you’ll feel anxious and distracted from all the thoughts,
  • Learn something new
  • Get your body working even if it’s for 5 minutes. Even if it’s a small walk. ” If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Greatness is not an exception, it’s an attitude” -Collin Powell

How to eliminate self doubt

  • Surround yourself with confident people – You can only change your life if you change your environment
  • Embrace Failure. “FAILURES” are lessons. That’s how you really learn – One of the main reason we doubt ourselves is because we fear failure.
  • Take baby steps out of your comfort zone – Small acts like these slowly build up your self-confidence and soon you’ll be tackling much bigger challenges.
  • Don’t give into negative thoughts, turn challenges into opportunities and find solutions to the things holding you back – Self doubt is what’s keeping you from reaching your true potential.