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Probably one of the most common make money online questions that I get asked on Quora and Twitter is, “How can I make $100 a day online?”

Well, depending on your skills and the demand for those skills, you may or may not be able to earn at least $100 a day from a single website as a freelancer — especially when you are new to freelancing. That’s because there is often intense competition for good-paying gigs.

Here are 10 apps that pay $10 a day.

  1. Swagbucks App: One of the few legit survey panels that has a reliable app that allows mobile users to earn money online from answering surveys, watching videos, playing online games, and earning generous cashback rewards from shopping. Swagbucks is also one of the best-paying market research platforms, so it doesn’t take long to earn $10 a day.

With that being said, here are 10 websites that pay $10+ a day to enable you to potentially earn $100+ a day online.

  1. Fancy Hands: This website connects virtual assistants with businesses looking to hire virtual assistants. In addition to regular, full- and part-time positions, you can also find on-demand gigs that pay you per task. In fact, it isn’t that hard to earn at least $10 just from doing easy tasks. Even better, this site doesn’t have nearly as much competition for work as the bigger, more-popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr and People Per Hour.
  2. User Testing: This platform pays users to test apps and websites. Basically, you are getting paid to use (test) a new website or app — and then asked for your feedback. According to the User Testing site, you can earn $4 to $120 per test, depending on its length and complexity. However, given those generous rewards, this site is quite popular, which means gigs are quite competitive. Therefore, make sure that you fill out your complete profile to help you qualify for more testing gigs. Also, respond as soon as possible to invitations as testing spots are limited and often fill up quickly.
  3. TranscribeMe: Can you type fast and accurately? As you can probably guess, TranscribeMe is a transcription site. According to the website, it pays $15 to $30 per audio hour. After passing their transcription test, you can usually find enough work to earn at least $10 a day.
  4. Clickworker: Get paid to complete small tasks — also known as micro jobs— categorizing data, writing or proofreading text, completing surveys, and reviewing online search results. Clickworkers earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per task, depending on how long it takes to complete it. The site pays weekly via direct deposit or PayPal.
  5. OneSpace: Another popular micro jobs site. You can get paid for completing short tasks like writing product descriptions, transcribing audio files, and filling out surveys. While the pay per task is typically low, you can often complete dozens (or even hundreds) of tasks in a day, helping you reach your daily earnings goal of $10. The site pays daily via PayPal.
  6. mTurk: Amazon’s own marketplace known as Amazon Mechanical Turk allows turkers (people like you) to get paid for completing tiny tasks that can’t be automated by machines because they require human intelligence. For example, you can earn quick cash by taking surveys, identifying and labeling objects in photos, researching and verifying data, and transcribing audio files. While most tasks pay low, they aren’t that hard or time-consuming, so it isn’t hard to earn at least $10 a day.
  7. Analysia: Another user testing site platform that pays users to test websites and apps. Most new users start out earning $10 — $20 per 10 — 20-minute test. The benefit of signing up with multiple user testing platforms is that you are more likely to land gigs, helping you reach your daily earnings goal. Just like with User Testing, make sure that you fill out a complete profile.
  8. iWriter: Are you an aspiring freelance writer? Many professional writers get their start with content mills. You can get paid around $15 per article on iWriter. Registration is fairly quick and easy too. They have a wide variety of writing assignments.
  9. TextBroker: Another popular content mill for new freelance writers. While the pay is low, writing short articles for TextBroker clients can be an easy way to make some quick cash. Registration is simple. Another nice thing is that writers get paid weekly. Your pay rate depends on your star rating, which is based on the quality of your writing.
  10. Swagbucks: A penny for your thoughts? Luckily, Swagbucks is actually one of the best-paying survey sites. They even offer new members a $10 sign-up bonus. Plus, there are a lot of surveys, as well as opportunities to earn money online — making it easy to reach your $10 a day earnings goal. You can also earn money by referring friends.

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