10 Most Demanded Freelancing Skills of 2022


Freelancing SkillsIn the last decade, the landscape of freelancing has changed dramatically. It has become a competitive field, and freelancing skills revenue is increasing. A quarter of freelancing professionals make more than they would in a traditional 9–5 employment.

To stay relevant as a freelancer, you must keep an eye out for new abilities that are in demand and then learn them.

The following list will give you a good idea of the most in-demand freelance skills for 2022:

1. Web Designing

With rising e-commerce, small or large businesses want an online presence and a website, which makes this skill so much in demand. Web designer is amongst the most sought after job roles across the world because of its wide appeal and requirement in almost all sectors.

2. Food Blogger

Everyone prioritizes eating nutritious and delicious food. You can create videos that assess food selections and broadcast them to YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram or your social media accounts. Restaurants, clubs, social gathering places, event managers etc will pay you heavily to write reviews, do collaborations if you have a large following be it any one of the social media platforms.

3. Copy Writing

People love stories and so do companies. They need it for their products, marketing strategies, sales and advertisements and what not. Everywhere you look, you’ll come across the work of a copywriter. While some think that being a copywriter is easy, it requires you to have some the skills to come up with a copy that readers will enjoy reading. Moreover, copy writing is among the most lucrative jobs, with freelance copywriters earning up to $250 per hour.

4. SEO Expert

What’s the use of good content, if people cannot find it when they need? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique incorporated while creating content that ranks helps the content high in search results, so that it gets more users, traction and eventually more revenue. But, because there are so many competitors providing the same services, SEO experts will be in high demand.

5. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Small businesses, small to medium sized companies usually prefer freelancers for accounting work over setting up an accounting department because of the cost and time factor. There are numerous accounting software out there and one can become an expert as per one’s choice. A lot of time it’s one good course and one busy weekend of learning that gets you a lucrative offer.

6. Graphic Designing

This is a versatile ability that can be applied to a variety of projects, including social media photos, website design, blog visuals, and much more.
It’s an excellent opportunity to use your imagination. Companies don’t need a graphic designer on a regular basis, therefore they hire freelancers. It also allows firms to gain access to newer and more creative designs.

7. Video Creation & Animation

Eight out of ten people mentioned being attracted to videos than any form of content. As a result, video is now preferred by all social media platforms and businesses. Youtube’s ever green popularity, growing popularity of Tiktok and now Instagram Reels confirms that fact. Companies are increasingly investing more on videos creation, editing, marketing etc. driving up demand for freelancers skilled in video editing and animation.

8. Editing & Proofreading

Mix pleasure and work together. No, I am not talking about travel bloggers. Haha! Well I wish I was one. For any person who has a good command of the English language and enjoys reading, this is the best way to make money. Editing and proofreading are essential parts of the writing process and sserve as key pillars in improving the effectiveness of writing style and the clarity of your ideas.

9. Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when a big poster at the Times Square or a lengthy advertisement at Superbowl Halftime brought in new users. Well they do still, but with so many people on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, these have become the new marketplaces. Newly set up businesses or small businesses cannot function without an experienced Digital Marketer in their team. So, what are you waiting for? It’s the new cool job title in town.

10. Career Guidance & Mentoring

With new majors in colleges opening every year, and the students also becoming more adventurous in terms of going after unconventional career paths. never before have we as students and as parents been more wanting to get career guidance. Many people seek mentors to guide them through various phases right from job searches to getting prepared for interviews. When its about education or jobs, people are ready to spend a fortune. So, you might just cash in.


If there’s one takeaway form this article it is that freelancing is a rising industry and it is here to stay. Thanks to Covid, people realised that you can still continue to work from the leisure of your home and earn the same amount or perhaps more to. Covid stole jobs from people and people resorted to new career paths and found a liking to it. It served as best way to go after your hobbies and passion.

So, start that blog you always wanted to write, create that goofy comic you wanted to when you were 9 years old. What’s stopping you from making your Instagram addiction useful by being a digital marketer or you can set up your own online bakery shop. Sky is truly the limit now.

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