10 Websites That Help You Monetise Your Work


MonetiseDo you know, the hard work you put in building a project, writing a blog or designing a web page can help you in monetise making dollars?

In the creator economy, people call it “Capitalise your work”. Through which your works help you in attracting opportunities that ultimately build financial capital.

For the same reason, there are websites that make it a lot easier for you to capitalise your work effortlessly within few steps.

1. Gumroad

This website helps you in selling digital assets.

E.g: Have you written an ebook?

With the help of Gumroad, you can start selling that ebook to a global audience and receive money directly into your bank account.

2. Substack

Substack is a newsletter website that allows writers to build their audience through the mailing list and offer them access to paid newsletters.

3. Ghost

It’s a simple and minimal blogging platform that helps writers monetize their work by leveraging their audience.

4. Upwork

Every morning you wake up and you see there are works lined up along with the time and efforts it will take and the money you will receive.

Based on those, you accept and reject the offers and continue working on something you enjoy doing and parallelly making money.

Upwork is the website that can help you in creating that system that gives you the freedom to work on the projects you love doing.

5. Fiverr

This website helps you in productizing your skills.

Do you know how to design web pages? Help others in designing their web pages and ask for the charges of your choice.

6. Medium

It’s a website where writers get paid every time someone spends time on their writings.

Medium pays directly to writers based on the amount of time, readers spend.

7. Podia

With the help of this website, you can start your own course either it can be a cohort-based course, workshop or online session.

Podia gives you the environment to launch your course without any hassle.

8. SendOwl

Similar to Gumroad, SendOwl also helps you in selling digital products by handling everything from exploring the product to receiving the payment.

SendOwl has the infrastructure that helps you make money by selling your creations without any worries.

9. Dribbble

With the help of this website, you can monetize your design work.

This website helps you in attracting opportunities by just showcasing your design work.

10. Buy me a Coffee

How would you feel when every time someone comes across your works and sends you bucks as an appreciation?

Buy me a Coffee helps you in having a profile through which people can show their support by paying some amount.

Internet is such an amazing place where there are tons of ways to capitalise your work, it’s just sometimes we underestimate its leverage and the level of freedom it offers.

What are you going to capitalise next? Which of these websites, have you tried?

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