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11 Insanely Useful Free Websites You Needed, but No One Told You About


Useful Free WebsitesThe internet is a vast and ever-growing resource of information. With so much content at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget about some of the more useful free websites. Here are ten insanely useful websites you may not have known about — but need to start using today!


If you’ve ever wondered what technology the most successful startups use, companies. tools are the answer. This useful free websites provides a curated selection of the design, research, code, support, and feedback tools that the best tech teams rely on. Whether looking for the latest app development platform or the best way to collect customer feedback, Ct has you covered.

2. Excell Formula Bot

If you’re using Excel and find yourself forgetting the right formula for a task, never fear — Excel Formula Bot has you covered. Using artificial intelligence, Formula Bot transforms text instructions into an Excel formula, so you don’t have to remember anything complicated.

Just type in what you need to do, and the Bot will take care of the rest. Whether you’re trying to calculate a sales tax or figure out how many days until your next vacation, Excel Formula Bot can help. So next time you’re stuck, let the Bot do the work for you.

3. Dev Knowlab 

If you are looking for a collection of productivity tools that can simplify your task, look for a single useful free websites oniv.in or dev.knowlab.in. It has a collection of productivity tools that can ease your daily task.

Dev Knowlab is developed in collaboration with Techoniv, tools are regularly updated and it’s a go-to website for your simple tasks.


If you want to improve your typing skills and learn from some of the world’s greatest literature simultaneously, look no further than TypeLit.

TypeLit.io is a website that provides typing practice on any book of your choice — or you can choose from dozens of preloaded classics. Select the passages you want to type out, and TypeLit will provide real-time feedback on your accuracy and speed.

You can also set goals and track your progress over time. So why not kill two birds with one stone using TypeLit to improve your typing skills and learn about some classic literature simultaneously?

5. Calm Calendar

Anyone who’s ever tried to schedule a meeting knows the pain of finding a time that works for everyone involved. And if you’re trying to coordinate between your personal and work calendars, the task can become even more daunting.

Try synchronizing your events between the two calendars to save some headaches while excluding personal details. That way, you’ll avoid having to search through multiple calendars for conflicts, and you can keep your personal information private. Plus, having one consolidated source of truth for your personal and work events will help ensure that you never miss an important appointment again.

6. myNoise

myNoise brings the outside world to you without all of the unwanted noise. Whether you’re trying to focus in a noisy office or block out the sound of busy streets, myNoise has a noise that’s perfect for you.

And if you can’t find the right noise, you can always create your own. With myNoise, the world is your oyster. So go ahead and drown out those distractions. Your ears will thank you.

7. Synthesia

Creating professional videos requires a team of specialists, including directors, videographers, editors, and animators. But now, thanks to advances in AI technology, you can create high-quality videos on your own — without prior knowledge of video creation.

The key is to use an AI avatar. With a web-based app like synthesia.io, you can choose from a diverse range of avatars — or even create a custom avatar that looks just like you. And because our avatars can lip-sync in over 60 languages, you can create videos that appeal to a global audience. So whatever your video goals may be, there’s an AI avatar that can help you achieve them.

Unfortunately, this tool isn’t free. However the service is amazing and worth paying for.

8. Cleanup.pictures

Have you ever taken a great photo to find an unwanted object in the background? Or maybe you have a perfect headshot, but there’s a blemish on your skin that you want to remove.

With Cleanup.pictures, you can quickly and easily remove any unwanted object from your photos. Select the object you want to remove, and our algorithms will do the rest.

Whether it’s a stray hair, a piece of litter, or even a person, Cleanup.pictures can help you get the perfect shot every time. So next time you take photos, don’t worry about imperfections — just let Cleanup.pictures take care of them for you.

9.PDF24 Tools

If you’ve ever needed to edit a PDF, you know that it can be a real pain. Adobe Acrobat is expensive, and most of us don’t need all the features it offers anyway. Why pay for something you’re only going to use once in a while? There’s a better way.

PDF24 is a free online PDF editor that lets you do everything you need without an expensive subscription. You can rotate, merge, split, compress, and convert PDFs without leaving your browser. And if you need to sign a document, PDF24 makes that easy too.

Just upload your document, add your signature (or create a digital one), and download the finished product. No muss, no fuss — and best of all, it’s completely free. So next time you need to edit a PDF, ditch the expensive software and try PDF24 instead.

10. Class Central

Finding the best online courses just got a whole lot easier. Class Central has gathered courses from some of the world’s top universities ( including Harvard and Stanford ), providers ( Coursera, Udemy, etc.), and institutions ( Google, Amazon, etc. ) in one convenient place.

Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or expand your knowledge on a particular subject, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. And with new courses being added, there’s always something new to explore.


Transport options are endless when you’re traveling abroad. How do you get from A to B? It’s easy!

Just enter your planned destination, and Rome2rio will show you the best way there, including which mode of transport is suitable for each transport option:

  • Plane
  • Car
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Ferry
  • Driving
  • Bike share
  • Walking

Hope you find these free websites useful.

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