13 Short Rules for Becoming More Effective


short rulesFor those who are out there losing their lives in busy daily routines here are the 13 short rules for becoming more effective. These are extremely insightful — worth saving to serve as a daily reminder for everyone.

👉 Focus on your efforts, don’t worry about the results (it’s not in your control)

👉 Train your mind to think only about what you control at this moment.

👉 Read, reflect, digest ten pages of philosophy every day (and then apply)

👉 Sit quietly in an empty room without any distraction (start with ten minutes a day)

👉 Drop all your achievements and failures. Now think and write down who you are.

👉 Dare mighty things. Why not do something that is a little beyond your comfortable area of influence?

👉 Play with your pet. It will make you realize how alive you feel when you practice presence.

👉 Design and schedule a worry break. Write down all your worries during that time.

👉 Enjoy the downs as much as you enjoy the ups.

👉 Do what you can do where you’re planted. Don’t complain.

👉 Don’t constrict your emotions. You’re free to feel both negative and positive emotions. And there’s no positive la-la land.

👉 Remember, if you get knocked down, you can get back up until you’re dead.

👉 Out-suffer the majority. When you have more reasons to try again than to stay down in pain, you win.

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