13 YouTube Marketing Ideas For Beginners To Grow Their Channel


YouTube MarketingAre you starting a new YouTube channel to publish your brand? First of all, Congratulations! Because it is the best way to enhance your brand and easily reach out to the audience. 

There are a lot of strategies to develop a YouTube channel. Some essential tips help improve your video quality, add subscribers to your channel, and build trust from the audience. 

In the post, we will discuss the 13 important tips to improve your YouTube channel for beginners. Developing your YouTube channel and keeping increasing your skills gives better results.

Let’s start to discuss it! 

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1. Check the Name Availability:

Your actual thought is to create a name that should be catchy, memorable, and easily understood by the audience. 

Yes, I really appreciated it! But don’t rush up. Most YouTube beginners make the mistake of choosing the name before checking the availability on YouTube and go with it. 

Once you have decided on a channel name, you should check it on other social media platforms. 

How to check? 

Once selected the channel name, you will promote their name on social media. It’s also the best way to establish your username on every platform because it is easier for the viewers to find you. If you want to verify your username on all social media, use Namechekr. 

2. SEO, SEO, YouTube SEO

Do you know that when your videos are to be watched? It appears on the SERP pages on YouTube. 

How is it displayed? Because that video has been optimized. Hence, the video is fetched on the SERP pages. 

SEO optimization helps to build a channel to grow and get rank on YouTube. For that, you need to select the exact keywords and add them to your videos. Low-competition and great demand keywords help to get rank and increase the traffic. 

Place the main keywords in the title, description, and tags are used to bring the page result and get more views. 

3. Use Customized Thumbnails

The thumbnails are being considered as the heart of the content. Because a single image can attract the audience quickly, and it explains the entire content. 

If you want a high CTR, the two elements should be great contributions. There are titles and thumbnails. These two elements are not effective, the viewers won’t click your video, and you never get the views—one of the excellent tips for creating YouTube videos to gain a high CTR using thumbnails. 

Don’t forget that your thumbnail should be relevant to your images. After creating every video, you must spend a couple of minutes building a thumbnail and uploading them. If the viewers enter your channel, they give likes, comments, and shares. Getting several comment likes helps to stimulate your audience to add more comments for your videos. 

4. Create a Playlist:

Everyone hates the moment of spending more time and scrolling down on searching videos on YouTube channels. Maximum audiences have less interest in doing this. 

How to increase viewers on your channel? 

Make it the easiest way while the audience finds the videos – create a playlist on your channel. Whether you have uploaded more videos on the same topic, you should segregate them into your playlists.

The significant metric of YouTube ranking is the increase in your audience’s attention rate. The playlist will be active if viewers click on your video; it will play automatically one by one. Hereby, you can increase the watch time of each video. 

5. Ask for Engagement:

Engagement level is one of the best strategies to improve your ranking on YouTube. YouTube promotes popular videos; when you create a YouTube channel, you need to get more subscribers and viewers to your channel, so YouTube helps place your videos in search higher. If viewers watch one of your videos and click the subscribe button after watching, that’s a massive boost for your video.

Another engagement factor is the call-to to actions. It’s the most powerful method to boost your visibility. For instance, you are posting a video clip on other social media; any viewers see the clip and want to see the full video, they click the link. The link redirected to your YouTube videos. At the end of the video, you can ask the audience to subscribe, like, and share. 

6. Do Collaboration: 

Collaborations are one of the essential weapons for YouTubers. You can find more YouTube creators relevant to your niche, join with them, do video collaboration, and gain more followers. It’s a simple and effective approach to gain more subscribers that strategies help to become a successful YouTuber. 

Before you do the video collaborations with other YouTube creators, you must check that YouTubers have the same target audience. In case you collaborate with someone, it may be unrelated to your niche, and your subscribers won’t be interested in your channel. More things make a successful collaboration, but the relevance is the primary concern. 

7. Prepared for Negative Comments

Don’t expect positive content always. If your content is good, you will get positive feedback. But if the audience feels your content is low, then they have dropped the negative comments. Don’t be afraid of negative comments. 

Negative comments are an excellent thing to learn from your mistake. It’s a constructive way because it helps you see your improvement and flaws; you also have to deal with comments. 

The best thing you need to avoid while receiving negative comments is to respond with negativity. If you deal with a negative commenter, reply with respect and positivity. Fighting with your commenter on the platform creates a negative vibe among the people and will reflect poorly on your image.

8. Learn from other videos

If you want to learn more things about your work, then really pay attention to them. See all your competitor videos; after that, ask yourself, “what makes a good YouTube channel?”.

Learn what others are doing and know their approach. If you see the video you enjoy, like an exciting intro, a video effect, find out how you can do them for your videos. You need to collect tips from niche video YouTubers and use them in your own video creation. That’s how you will come to understand what works, what keeps the audience entertained, and how to create the best out of your videos!

9. Make a Content Plan:

Before making the video, write down the script properly, no matter how stupid it sounds! The creative content always admires the people and converts the viewers into subscribers!

If you forget the schedule, you can use a Google calendar or a tool like Trello that helps to remember your ideas organized. This kind of way increases your consistency. Having a schedule calendar will make it easier for your plan and move ahead. Keep up with your goals forward. 

10. Make a Teaser for Every Video:

Before uploading a video, spend a few minutes creating a video teaser and upload first! Usually, YouTube creates a tremendous traffic to your videos naturally. But this doesn’t indicate you should not create awareness for your channel on outside sources. You can promote your videos on social media platforms too!

At the end of the teaser, don’t forget to add the CTA options for your channel. The teaser should be short and the time between 10-60 seconds. You will share the bully on the best social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

11. Respond to Viewers Comments:

Getting audience attention is the ultimate aim of every YouTuber. So, any audience leaves comments on your video, you must respond to them. 

The perfect YouTube strategies for success for getting attention to your audience. The videos which you will make, and you do them for your audience . Always getting attention to the comments is one of the qualities to improve your videos. Anyone suggests improvements to your videos, don’t forget to thank them. 

12. Build the Community:

YouTube is a vast community where people can easily connect. You want to be a successful YouTube influencer then you should join the community. It means you should get checked the relevant channels and comment on other creators’ content.

Don’t leave the comments on another YouTube channel like “check out my channel.” These strategies won’t return great results. Instead, popularize your comments without advertising to your channel. Those comments should be funny and grab the viewers. 

13. Track Your Video Performance:

After posting every video, get the results most important. The metrics should be views count, several subscribers, likes, dislikes, comments, watch hours, etc. These are all deciding how good your video is. You need to get more information for your videos then use YouTube Analytics. You will want to improve your channel, look at the video results! 

Create a habit after uploading the video and get the results. This analysis helps improve your video quality and get an idea of which type of content will make in the future! 

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