17 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down


Not all days in life will give you hype. Here is the list of things to do when you are feeling down in life.

1. Look up. There are things that you still have that you are taking for granted, e.g. you’re breathing, right? Are you taking it for granted? You bet. What else?

2. Look down. Do you know how many people want to live your life and be okay with all sorts of issues you face? Your life is someone’s dream. Don’t ridicule this.

3. Know that it’s temporary. Like everything, it will pass. It will not last forever. So hang on to your hat. Tomorrow is another day.

4. Smile. You’re still alive. And hopefully, your dear ones are still alive.

5. You and the life event/s are not similar. There’s a drastic difference. You’re the decision maker of how you would respond to a tempest — lose your ground or keep sailing!

6. Make a list of 3 things. Do them immediately. You need a jolt, a shock. Your body needs a movement. A push. Go, do that.

7. Ask how you can use this to your advantage? I bet, you can.

8. You’re not dead yet. If you find no meaning in your life watch an ant. It’s tinier and it has been doing more than you’re doing right now.

9. Don’t go back to past and don’t relive your stories. Stop. You’re not a film-maker of histories.

10. Celebrate whatever happens. And start again. This moment is golden.

How would you use your downtime so that you can slide toward success?

1. Rest. Take a nap. Use eye-masks if you need to relax your eyes and ear-plugs to reduce the noise around.

2. Think. On paper. Write down everything that has bothered you throughout the week. Ask yourself — “Why did these bother me? And what’s the solution?”

3. Decide upon a task to do the next week (without fail) that you have been postponing for a long time. Block a chunk of time on your calendar.

4. Sit and talk with your loved ones. Instead of going to the mall, eating fries, and being distracted for the whole time, look into their eyes, and ask — “What’s bothering you? What’s going well? Do you want me to help with something? How was the week?” And let them pour their heart out.

5. Read to your children. Your children will be shaped by the stories they hear and the way they’re treated in their childhood.

6. Sit in silence. Enjoy the solitude. Go into your heart. And see who you are. Are you on the right path? Did you do something wrong during the earlier week? Do you have any ideas that you are neglecting?

7. Make a list of 100. It can be on anything. People you want to meet. Places you want to visit. Books you want to read. Experiences you want to cherish. Things you want to do.

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