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31 Killer Online Tools That Are So Valuable They Feel Illegal To Know


When launching a side hustle, an internet business, or anything else, you must devote a significant amount of time to accomplishing your task. Creating presentations, writing content, coming up with new ideas, identifying better techniques, advertising your services, and much more. And so you don’t have time to work on improving your abilities or focusing on what you need to do. Soon, you’ll learn that there are several killer online tools available to make your task ridiculously simple.

And it is at this point that you realize that if you had discovered such tools earlier, you would have advanced to the next level and would not have had to spend many hours simply doing the boring task.

So, no more regrets from now on. I will assist you here with the best tools I have been utilizing for several years.

The only task you have to do is read it thoroughly and choose the finest resource from this list to assist you to advance in your profession. Yes, you may bookmark it if you wish.

Excited? Let’s start.

  1. Dev Knowlab: If you are looking for a collection of productivity tools that can simplify your task, look for a single useful free websites oniv.in or dev.knowlab.in. It has a collection of productivity tools that can ease your daily task.Dev Knowlab is developed in collaboration with Techoniv, tools are regularly updated and it’s a go-to website for your simple tasks.
  2. The Free Learning List: If you want to start a side hustle, a business, or anything else, you must first master certain skills. I hope this website with a collection of free resources will help you get started.
  3. Namelix: To come up with a unique name for your online business.
  4. Free Logo Design: To make a logo for free.
  5. Figma: — The best tool for designers working with logos, mockups, and prototypes. It is simple to exchange information with team members and work on projects online. Create your logo, as well as any mockups or prototypes, here.
  6. Canva: There are many free templates and elements available. Without any prior knowledge, you may effortlessly develop creatives.
  7. Carrd: The quickest way to create a website. Simply choose a template and take advantage of the ridiculously low costs.
  8. Smartmockups: With a few clicks, you can create free product screenshots. -Select your favorite mockup, upload your design, and you’re done!
  9. Carbon: Carbon allows you to create and share beautiful images of your source code, Twitter postings, or any other sort of text. Simply said, if you use Twitter, you can tweet stunning photos. In the same way that you may share stunning images of your source code.
  10. Webflow: For more complicated web pages, use Webflow. A no-code tool for creating every type of website. If you want to make your website more interactive, here is a good place to start. Yes, you will have to pay some money.
  11. Medusa: Do you want to build an e-commerce store in the easiest and least expensive way possible? You may utilize Medusa to accomplish this. It is an open-source rival to Shopify that is always free.
  12. Bubble.io: Create a completely working web app without writing any code. The tool is entirely free to create; you just pay for it when your audience grows.
  13. Mixkit: Do you want to or do you currently make money from YouTube videos? If you answered yes, you may use Mixkit to create the best videos for your audience possible by using stock music, animation, sound effects, and other elements. It is, in fact, a free platform.
  14. FlowMapp: Amazingly simple tools for collecting, organizing, and collaborating in UX, Strategy, Design, and Development. Design a sitemap, build flowcharts, research users, plan customer journeys, manage content, and much more!
  15. Quillbot: I post on the internet. And I don’t always like how I’ve written the content and don’t want to rewrite or alter it, which is why I prefer Quillbot. This tool assists me in improving my English in my post.
  16. Stripe: Make your customer-facing payment pages extremely quick. Directly integrate a plethora of technologies. I’ve been using it for several years.
  17. The Hive Index: It can assist you in identifying the top online communities depending on your niche.
  18. Notion: Take notes, handle all research, and create and assign team assignments. It may be as basic or as sophisticated as you desire. I’ve been using it to produce digital products that I’ve been selling on Gumroad.
  19. Temp MailFake Mail, or Guerrilla Mail: Temporary email address to subscribe to services without providing your personal email address. These tools will help you avoid spam while also increasing your productivity.
  20. Slack: You may interact with your team in an organized manner. It is compatible with practically any other tool you may be using. Also, there are plenty of Slack bots available to help you automate a variety of activities.
  21. Go Fucking Work: Are you concentrating on something? YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, and a slew of other websites will try to distract you. Use this website to block unproductive websites.
  22. Product Hunt— Do you want to develop a product and market it? This free tool may be of use to you. You may publish your product here for free. Products contributed by users are presented in a sequential sequence each day.
  23. FigJam or Web Whiteboard: Whatever you do, you must occasionally build workflows and charts, as well as explain them to your coworkers. FigJam and Web Whiteboard are the ideal tools for this. Consider it a whiteboard where you may develop ideas, design workflows, and do a variety of other things.
  24. 12ft Ladder: Use 12ft Ladder; simply put the URL into the site, and it will attempt to remove the barrier and give you access to the content.
  25. PDF24 Tools: PDFs may be combined, signed, edited, secured, converted to images, and many other things. I can’t say much more than that; just try it and you’ll find it beneficial.
  26. ContentIdeas: You might desire to write content, and this website might assist you to find trendy topics.
  27. Ahref: If you want to write several blog posts, this online tool can help you with proper SEO.
  28. Really Good Emails— One of the top email design and resource showcases. They have over 10,000 amazing emails from which to learn!
  29. Hotjar — Discover how your site’s visitors really use it. In a nutshell, everything you wanted to know about your website. You may examine heatmaps, funnels, forms, and much more. There is also a free version!
  30. Consensus: A search engine, similar to Google, that employs artificial intelligence to find answers to your questions straight from scientific research. It may assist you in conducting an in-depth study on a subject.
  31. Edit: Free online photo editor with no popups, advertisements, cookies, or the need to create an account.

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