5 Reasons Your Agency Should Invest in SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing

For years, marketers have relied on email because of its large user base, significant return on investment (ROI), extraordinary speed, consistent costs, and ability to own the consumer relationship rather than relying on third-party channels. SMS Marketing is one among them.

SMS has already started making its mark in multi-channel marketing. Firms these days are keen on targeting their clients rather than depending on advertisements only. Nevertheless, some marketing firms have made SMS an official service to ensure their customers are always up to date. It’s a fantastic method to broaden your communication horizons. Businesses who employ SMS as a marketing tool open themselves to a whole new set of possibilities. Here are some compelling reasons to invest in SMS marketing.

Increases Customer Engagement

Consider SMS as a tool to improve the mode of communication between your organization and the consumers.

While clients may appreciate updates and news about upcoming brand advancements, this information is better communicated via email, where more extended, more creative wording is more suited.

While marketers might find texting to be bothersome, it has become a common trend of communication between most businesses and their clients. SMS marketing has high open rates making it a necessary evil.

Brands can also take advantage of the personal nature of SMS to stimulate immediate incentives relating to their sales like birthday wishes or coupons.

Personalization of Messages

Variables and custom links can be used to tailor the message and sections of it to the recipients. People enjoy reading or receiving material relevant to their interests, just as they do with any other kind of communication.

You can also use personalization to produce a single text whose content changes depending on who receives it.

Promotes Customer Loyalty

Clients may be accustomed to marketing emails stacking up in their inboxes.

The novelty of sending customized information and incentives to your customers via text can help you form a profound bond with them.

Inboxes are frequently divided into three tabs: primary, social, and promotional, with marketing emails getting lost in the congestion of the latter.

Incoming texts are not separated in any way on phones. This means that if you send an SMS to a customer that opens with an offer for a loyalty incentive, they’ll almost certainly notice it. If you offer them something they want, you’ll acquire their trust because they’ll see that you’re just sending them the information they want. They may become devoted repeat consumers as a result.

Ability to Integrate with Other Channels

All channels must perform effectively together within the marketing mix. SMS is a beautiful solo channel, but it can also be used to supplement other marketing channels.

SMS can complement and support other popular consumer mediums like LinkedIn and still work perfectly alone.

They can be used as a reminder to ensure company emails will be read before being delivered. More clients will open their Emails if they receive an SMS prompting them to read a particular mail.

According to studies, customers who receive marketing SMS are more likely to open them. This statistic does not imply that buyers will always click on the links in your texts, but it is preferable to your marketing email being deleted in mass or clogged in inboxes. It is, without a doubt, the clearest advantage of text marketing.

Enables You to Monitor, Track, and Improve

SMS makes it possible to track the ROI that matters. It also makes it possible to pick out customers who socialize via text message regularly as well as monitor delivery rates.

Businesses can use these insights to generate more focused advertisements. Furthermore, such information can be utilized by firms to understand their database. SMS does more than just save money. It can also be used to improve ROI and allow firms to target clients due to its ability to integrate other channels. This process involves companies profiling customers and picking out those that are less likely to respond in a single group.

Invest in SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an excellent option if you want to increase your marketing efforts and reach a wider audience. These are just a handful of how SMS marketing may help your company grow. However, the only way to properly comprehend what text message marketing can accomplish for you, your clients, and your subscribers is to put it to the test.

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