5 Top Content Marketing Predictions for 2022


Content Marketing

The number of sites and blogs keeps growing. There are 1.7B+ sites and 600M+ blogs to the current date. So, what should you do to continue ranking high in 2022? Well, the key is using content correctly. Here are the 5 top content marketing predictions for 2022.

According to Content Marketing Institute, the most in-demand content types will be:

  • 48% research reports,
  • 48% short articles (less than 3,000 words),
  • 47% ebooks/white papers,
  • 39% case studies,
  • 32% long-form articles (over 3,000 words).

Once again, Content Marketing Institute reports that the main “why’s” can be:

  • Customers’ awareness,
  • Credibility/trust,
  • Education.

In fact, 76% of marketers claimed to build credibility as a result of content marketing efforts.

Digital field changes based on trends and events. Mostly, marketers make changes due to the pandemic:

  • 70% changed targeting/messaging,
  • 30% increased time spent talking to customers,
  • 26% revised buyer persona.

Overall remember to provide more support to your readers.

57% of those working in e-commerce report using personalized content. This way, you show that you value your clients’ time and know what’s vital for them.

Of course, you can’t go without SEO writing. It consists of: keywords optimization, the composition of the creative title tag, work on meta descriptions and headers, concentration on content quality, visual content usage, and internal links employment.

Take these tips into account to win the game with your content. Moreover, remember that you can receive quality articles to place them on your site and grow it.

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