6 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Influencer



Social media influencer has become a lucrative and attractive career. There are currently more than 35 million active influencers globally. While this career is attractive, there is a lot to consider if you are thinking about pursuing it.

1. Create a Budget

Being a social media influencer is expensive, especially in the beginning stages of your career. Any influencer will tell you that it takes a while before you start making money. Until that time, you will have to invest your money.

Creating a budget will help determine how much you need to spend to start your career. Essential items like cameras, a tripod, lighting equipment, a laptop, and a microphone will cost you a few thousand dollars, at least. There are ways to save money. You can find editing and background remover tools that don’t cost a fortune.

2. Finding Your Niche

All successful influencers have a niche. A niche can be a hobby, skill, or interest. Identifying your niche can give you a foundation for the type of content you can create. Make sure that you have enough knowledge to make consistent content and that you can easily explain it to an audience.

Centering content around a niche can benefit your platform in many ways. Viewers want to see relatable content. When viewers feel connected to a subject, they are more likely to watch it. A loyal viewership will increase your engagement and attract brand deals, sponsorship, and partnerships.

3. Deciding on a Platform

While it may be tempting to create a brand on every social media app available, it would be wise to narrow it down to the ones that work best for you. Each social media platform has different types of content, algorithms, demographics, and markets. Think about what type of content you create. Where would it fit in best? What type of audience are you looking for? Where does this audience live? What platform has a market that aligns with your content? These questions can help you determine the right social media company for you.

Your content will be a deciding factor in your primary platform. You can still have a presence on different platforms, but you should have a main platform where you direct most of your focus.

4. Making your Page Unique

More than likely, other influencers are creating content on the same topics as you. One of the best ways to stand out and make your page different is by showcasing who you are. Being an influencer requires personality and charisma. Every piece of media you create is an opportunity to display what makes you unique. Being authentic is a great way to engage with viewers. People like interacting with influencers with whom they have similar interests.

You will also need to use your personality to persuade. If you have brand deals, you will have to convince your audience to buy products. People are also going to want your advice and opinion on things you talk about.

5. Time

Being a social media influencer is a job. And like any other job, you will have to work on a schedule. You might not have as much time to create at the beginning of your career. But as your platform grows, you will need to start dedicated designated hours to make content. Consistent content is the only way to keep your feed and career active.

Filming and editing content is usually the most time-consuming task. Even the shortest video can take a couple of hours to film. But other tasks, such as researching, script writing, and rehearsing, are equally tedious.

6. The Legal Side of the Business

The world of social media is glamorous and fun and comes with many perks, but at the end of the day, it is still a business. As an influencer, you will be working with some of the top corporations in the world. Contracts, Non-disclosure Agreements, meetings, and seminars are all part of the job.

Many influencers have agencies and lawyers to help them with these matters. This is an option that you should explore. Having a qualified individual represent you can save you trouble as well as help you grow your career.

Closing Thoughts

The role of influencers is not going away any time soon. It might be a good career path if you are passionate about your craft. Remember these tips as you pursue your dream job.

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