7 Tips to Write a Qualitative Article Faster


Write ArticleWe know that you spend your time on content creation. It’s a great and exciting thing to do. But sometimes, you can run out of ideas or just get stuck with the process. But can article writing go smoothly for you? Sure! Save these seven tips to compose qualitative content or to write an article without spending ages on it.

1. Keep track of article writing topics

Sometimes, finding the right topic takes hours. That’s why we recommend keeping all the topics you already covered and your ideas, notes, or findings in one place. This way, you can understand what your audience likes to read and never lose topics with potential.

2. Avoid distractions

TV, smartphone, and other devices can distract you. And our brains can’t do more than one thing at a time for tasks that require cognitive effort. Use special apps, like Freedom, Serene, RescueTime, etc., to stay focused.

3. Research smartly

40% of your article writing time goes into planning. So, know your audience and its interests & needs. Check trusted sources and blogs. Try to narrow down the topic to make it particular and relevant to your readers.

4. Outline the main ideas

Create bullet points with a plan that your future article will have. Ensure these points will help you fully cover the topic. Later turn them into H2/H3 headings to help readers navigate your article easily.

5. Do not overthink

Of course, you want your article to sound professional. Yet, this doesn’t mean you need to overload it with complicated words or sentences. Also, don’t try to put and explain everything related to the topic in just one article.

6. Take a step back

Make a pause. This way, you can take a fresh look at your content. That allows you to fix all the logical issues, add missing information or, vice versa, delete/rewrite unnecessary sentences.

7. Edit your article

Most possibly, you will notice grammar errors after you re-read your article. It’s time to fix everything! We advise employing tools like Grammarly to ensure you write correctly and use the right words.

Use these tips to develop your writing. That will help you create better content and improve relations with buyers. And happy buyers mean more tasks for you!

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