8 Programming Tools you should be using in 2023


programming tools

Programming is a not an easier task. That’s the reason we come up with programming tools that can solve every programmers nightmare.

1. Scribe 

Link: http://scribehow.com

Writing up docs and how-to guides used to take up so much time, but not anymore!

Scribe creates auto-generated step-by-step guides, cutting down hours of work to minutes. It’s a must-have tool if you’re working solo or in a team. 

2. Postman

Link: http://postman.com

Postman is a “must-have” when developing APIs. Test and debug your API endpoints with ease. It allows you to send a variety of HTTP requests in development and displays the server’s response in a friendly interface.

3. Tab Suspender

Link: http://tab-suspender.com

As devs, we sometimes have a lot of tabs open, and it chews up precious memory and CPU.

What’s the solution? Suspend the tabs you aren’t using. This extension catches inactive, tabs freeing up to 80% memory and device resources.

4. Trello

Link: http://trello.com

Project Management is critical in software development.

Trello is one of the most popular PM tools. Trello thrives on simplicity. Utilizing this tool when simplicity is the goal illustrates taking in requirements & making wise decisions.


5. Chrome DevTools

Link: http://developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools

Chrome DevTools is a set of web developer tools built directly into Google Chrome.

Becoming great at these dev tools will make you a much more effective dev. It will elevate how teammates and/or prospective employers view you.

6. Lucid Chart

Link: http://lucidchart.com

I’ve always loved Lucid Chart. Arguably the best tool for creating UML diagrams, ERDs, and so on. Problem solving and planning come before writing code. Use this tool to do a great job in that phase and your peers will take notice.

7. Dev Knowlab

Link: dev.knowlab.in

Enhance your Productivity with our collection of wide range of online productivity tools.

8. Responsively

Link: http://responsively.app

This tool is a personal fave of mine for frontend work. Develop responsive web apps 5x faster! Preview all target screens in a single window side-by-side.

Responsively App significantly bring down frontend development time.

Source: From the Twitter thread of Nikki Siapno

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