8 Things You Never Had Time for But Now You Do


There are certain things in life, that you never had time for, but you do have time for it now. All thanks to self quarantine

1) Call that school friend who reminds you of empty classrooms, video game parlors and simpler times.

2) Clean your mail inbox, read the whatsapp messages, make new to-do lists, download a scheduling app, or write a bucket list.

3) Rekindle that hobby you lost in the 9 to 5 rush. Sketch a scenery, write a sonnet or knit his/her initials on your favorite sweater.

4) MOVE. Do not hibernate and lose immunity. Make your cupboards, move the furniture, help in the kitchen. God is watching, do your bit.

5) TALK. to your parents, siblings, fronds, colleagues, yoga teacher, therapist, or anyone you should check on. Listen to their stories and tell them one of yours.

6) Being reflective in time is like walking on a tight rope. But walk any way, even if they are baby steps. Reflect and reason with your thoughts, align them with your life goals and learn to deeply understand yourself.

7) Cook for your Mom. Help your Dad in accounts. Play chess and laugh a little. Spend tech free time and practice emotional closeness in times of social distancing.

8) LOVE. You have been taking them for granted for some time now. Take some time longer and describe what you love about them. Don’t shy away from emotions, as it turns out we are on a deadline on this planet.

Bonus Tip: Earth Is Finally Healing And So Are We: A Reminder to all Humans