It is widespread that in our lives there are some days when you don’t feel to get out even from the bed, you try, try and try, but things are going wrong. You haven’t yet met the deadlines, and in fact, you are way far from them. I have been through this and so many of us.

In these hard times, you have to be positive that what I will NOT say to you.

I will say that you should cultivate some habits so that you can stay positive all the time and will never get into that pessimistic zone of yours.

Wake up Early

It benefits in two ways. First is that you had a long day ahead if you woke early, so you have so much time for your work and second is that you breathe fresh air in the morning which jazz up your spirit, and you are all set to go.

Make lists for everything

That’s why I also prefer to write my articles in listicle format — just kidding.

According to my experiences, I tend to complete the work which I had written down compared to work which I haven’t, and then I panic when time just got passed.

Even if it’s a small tiny thing, write it, this will make your life so much sorted.

Take short breaks

Now many people on this earth don’t understand the value of relaxation and breaks. But you are not one of those people. Learn how much worth a tiny break can add to your efficiency.

Go for a vacation once in 2–3 months. Life gets so monotonous after time as there is always one purpose- earn and earn more money.

Let it go

Don’t hold on things for a long time. If something isn’t in your control and if even it is but you have spent way too much time on it, but that thing is still not working then it’s better to let it go for good.

Save your time

Every minute you saved is every minute you earned. Sit and list all your priorities and work towards it. Set a time limit for everything. Utilise each second in a better way.

Example- Listen to podcasts instead of songs, read a novel instead of watching television, do stretching and eye exercise if waiting for someone.

Cut the toxicity

Start listening and watching more optimistic and progressive content. Even if viewing for fun, don’t choose horror stories or extremely violent content.

Eat vegetarian

In India, it’s called “Sattvic diet”, which means the food that makes your soul positive. The meal with no flesh and plain(not spicy).

Now don’t get me incorrect, you can have non-vegetarian food and even junk food on some days, but try to avoid it more and eat a healthy diet.

Have a hobby

If you don’t have, acquire one based on your enthusiasms, and I will tell you this will make you so much happy.

When you give some time to your exciting things than most of the time that you provide to non-interested things will become easy for you.

Always be grateful

You should be thankful for what you have. Cribbing about things you don’t have will only make you a looser. Life is unfair to everyone, but those who are appreciative for what they have makes it a bit fair.

Start living and stop crying, find ways to make your shit get done as you have a human brain and nothing is impossible.

Source: This article was originally published in Medium by Krati Agarwal