9 Simple Habits to Change Your Life


Your attitude determines your altitude. “Succesful people don’t just drift off to the top. Getting there requires focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy every day to make things happen. Here is the simple list of habits to practice to change your life.

Be the First to Start the Conversation

The hardest part of socializing, for many people, is how to start a conversation. However, it is a big mistake to go about life not making the first move and waiting for someone else to do it. You won’t become small when you initiate the conversation.

Have the Courage to Say “NO”

Have you ever asked yourself why it is always so important for you to please everyone, to the point that you would feel resentful and stressed because of it? Learning how to say no to things you don’t want to do will free you from 30% of life stress. Live your life for you not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.

Don’t respond to Emails/Texts Fast

Your brain cannot make decisions that fast, Wait few minutes or Schedule your emails, so you can change it later.

Floss Everyday Over & Over & Over

Brushing and using Listerine isn’t the same as flossing your teeth Every day. Daily flossing doesn’t just keep your teeth healthy—practicing good oral hygiene contributes to your health in other ways, too.

Adopt a Deathbed Mentality

Before you do something. Would you do it if it was your last day on earth? Actually, it’s a philosophy about life .when you adopt a death bed mentality you live every day as if it were your last. Imagine waking up every day and asking yourself a simple question “what would I do today, if it was my last?” then think about how you treat your family, your colleagues and even those who you don’t know. Think about how productive and excited you would be to live every moment to the maximum.

Be respectful to the People in Service Industry

Be nice to the waiter, your air host and cashiers. Smiling and compliments always get you free things. 🙂 How we treat waiters and waitresses can reveal a lot about our personality.

Avoiding un-needed Purchases

We lose money, space, and a bit of our sanity when our lives are filled up with items that sit idle and no longer bring us pleasure. Wait 3 days before you make your “expensive” purchase. If you still want it, Buy it at any cost.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Stop comparing yourself with others. Just stop it! Everyone seems more accomplished and better looking, has a better job title and a nicer home, is more physically fit and wealthier, or just seems to be having a better time in their lives. But you forget to remember You are not them, you are unique. Everyone is running a different race.

Be open to learning from anyone

Even if you don’t particularly like the person or the person’s beliefs, you can always learn from them. Set your ego aside while learning. Your subordinate, kids and any other person whom you think are a waste of time can teach you valuable lessons of life.