Artificial Intelligence Tools From Google For Everyone


Google is making its own Artificial Intelligence tools and resources available so that anyone can use technology to solve problems. Whether you’re a newbie or you’re already an expert, you’ll find the resources you need to reach your next breakthrough. Here is the collection of certain AI tools developed by Google.

For developers


TensorFlow is a free and end-to-end open-source software library for machine learning created by Google Brain Team in 2015. It helps the AI community in product development through its flexible resources. It can be used to train ML models, deploy products in the cloud with simple architecture.

ML Kit

ML Kit is a mobile SDK that brings Google’s machine learning expertise to Android and iOS mobile application development. It has a set of pre-defined APIs for the most common mobile application purposes like barcode scanning, face detection, text and image recognition, etc.

Firebase ML

Firebase ML is used to add machine learning capabilities to mobile applications of both Android and iOS. It has a collection of common ready-to-use cloud-based APIs that you can add to your existing mobile applications.

Google Open Source

Google is supporting the free and open-source project since the beginning. Google Open Source is the initiative from Google to provide developers with access to open source projects and to test their projects via this tool.

For researchers

Google Datasets

Google Datasets is a collection of a wide variety of datasets for ML and AI tasks. This project was launched by Google in order to support the global research community on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It allows researchers to download datasets for their research works.

Google Datasets Search

Datasets Search is a datasets search engine by Google. With this users can search and discover datasets from thousands of repositories around the web. It allows finding the most relevant and big datasets for almost any task or query.

For organizations

Cloud TPU

Cloud TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) is an AI accelerator application-specific integrated circuit developed by Google specifically for neural network machine learning. In simple language, is a way to complete some large code computations with significant performance growth. So that the network is faster, robust and more efficient.

Cloud AI

Cloud AI put’s AI to work to run your business faster and smoother. Instead of productivity-improving, this tool is about artificial intelligence. It works in large systems (not only inside of the mobile applications) and also gives an ability to interact with more advanced technologies.


As the future of Artificial Intelligence in beta, Google’s AI tools allows developers and researchers to have hands-on experiment with the AI technology in a scope better AI for the future.

Source: Originally published in Geek Culture by Vino GC

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