Best Sites That Pay You to Write Articles


Write ArticlesThe internet is a great place to earn money; if you’re a good writer, you can use your skills to make some good cash. Many sites will pay you to write articles. Here are 50 sites that pay people to write essays. You can find out how much they pay by looking through their websites.


Listverse is a content company that pays you to write articles on various topics. It pays well for pieces that are a bit quirky or even novelistic. The articles should have at least ten items and be informative and interesting. The subject matter can be anything, but it should be original. The website does not allow duplicate Content or plagiarism.

Currently, Listverse pays $100 per accepted list. However, you need at least 1500 words and ten items for your article to be taken. Listverse pays via PayPal, so make sure you have an account with the payment service. The site also lets you know if your article is not up to par — a great way to improve your work.


Copyhackers are a content company that pays you to write articles about copywriting, freelance advice, and other business-related topics. You can earn anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per article. Copyhackers also provide educational materials to help you write. Articles can be as long as 2,000 words.

You can submit articles in any genre, including fiction. In addition, you can also submit blog posts. While you will be paid based on how many words your article has, you may earn a little more money if you write about a topic that interests you. For example, if you want to make money online, you can write web development and design articles.

The pay for articles is negotiable. You should aim to make $50 to $150 for each piece, but the editors at this site are willing to pay you more if you can provide them with original Content. It would help if you aimed to submit at least two or three articles per month. The editor will then review them and publish them either immediately or at a later date. Once approved, you’ll receive payment through PayPal.

Informed Content

If you want to earn extra cash, you can write articles for a personal finance website. These sites pay writers between 15 and 25 cents per word, but they don’t pay as much as a traditional magazine. Depending on the topic and the article’s length, you can make between $100 and $200.

If you have a passion for finance, you can write about investing and saving money. This site pays you $200-$500 for articles containing at least 1,500 words. Your articles will be published under your name and shared with over 10,000 subscribers on the platform’s email list. The articles must have a strong financial interest.

Informed Content is another online magazine that pays writers. This publication pays for in-depth articles that include first-person accounts. They also prefer first-person stories. You can earn anywhere from $50 to $1,500 per accepted article. Listverse, a website that pays $100 for lists, is another site worth trying. Copyhackers is interested in practical Content for designers, marketers, and startups. Writers can also submit articles on psychology and other related topics.

Fund Your Life Overseas

If you want to travel the world but don’t have a lot of spare cash, you can find several online sites that will pay you to write articles. These sites will publish your articles under your name and pay you between $100 and $200 per 1,500 words. They will also send your reports to over 10,000 subscribers on their mailing list. To qualify for these sites, you should be interested in finance and entrepreneurship or have a general interest in the financial world.

Writers Weekly

WritersWeekly is a great place to get paid to write articles. You can earn as much as $50 for an article and make up to 15 cents per word. It also has a good readership, meaning you can make a decent living writing articles.

WritersWeekly pays between $60 and $150 for a 600-word article. It pays via PayPal and accepts writers from around the world. Another site to get paid for writing essays is Do a Living Writing, which is a popular blog for freelance writers. You can write articles on various topics for the site and earn between $75 and $150 per article published. You’ll receive payment at the end of each month.

WritersWeekly also pays you to write articles for their website. The pay is $50 per article, and you’ll receive payment via PayPal within seven days after your article is published. WritersWeekly’s mission is to help writers make money online. You’ll be required to write interesting, straight-to-the-point articles on topics relevant to writing.

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