Five Life Changing Advice from Gaur Gopal Das


Life Changing AdviceLife is not a simple thing, you have only one life which is short, which has problems, which has sadness, and so many issues. Here is the five life-changing advice from the great Mentor Gaur Gopal Das.

1) Increase the standard of your life

Whether you drive a Volkswagen or you drive a Bentley, the road remains the same, isn’t it?

Whether you speak on Samsung or you speak on an iPhone X, whoever you are calling remains the same, isn’t it?

Whether you’re flying economy or you’re flying business, the destination where you are heading remains the same

It’s quite amazing how we work ourselves up so much with increasing the standard of living that we forget to increase the standard of life.

There is nothing wrong with driving a Bentley or having an iPhone, God bless you with that and if you have it no problem.

But in trying to enhance and increase and improvise the standard of your living, please do not compromise with the standard of your life.

It’s not the standard of your living that makes you happy, it’s the standard of your life makes you happy.

And very often, we forget to give attention to those things that can truly make us happy.

By improving your standard of living, never ever compromise on those principles that also improve the standard of your life.

Some people are so poor, so poor, so absolutely poor that all they have is money. That’s all they have. I consider this kind of life as a poverty-stricken life. If all you have is money, you are the poorest person in the world. Because there is more to life than money, and there is way more to life than what money can buy.

If you truly want to know how rich you are, drop a tear and see how many hands come to wipe that tear. 

Our happiness and our increased standard of life are not in things, it’s in people. It’s relationships. It’s meaningful, heartfelt and deep bondings of love that bring fulfilment to the heart. 

It’s those meaningful exchanges of love that we share with each other in relationships, that brings true joy to the heart. And isn’t it the greatest irony, that something that brings the greatest fulfilment, we very conveniently neglect in just running after increasing and enhancing the standards of living. 

2) Go with the flow

Isn’t it amazing how many plans we make and in reality, not everything goes according to our plan? 

Even in the game of Chess, we may come completely prepared with our strategy to win the game. We may even make our moves. Thinking everything will go according to what we had decided and planned. But the reality is, once we have made our move we have no control over the moves the opponent will make. We have no idea the opponent has also made his or her plan. 

Whether is the game of Chess or the game of life, not everything goes according to what we had envisioned in our lives. This is exactly why there is a great need to go with the flow

To not be rigid about what we had decided. To learn to change our strategy as per the need of the moment. ADJUST YOUR PLANS. ADAPT TO THE CHALLENGES THAT LIFE THROWS AT YOU. 

Adopt new strategies to match those of your opponent. 

In life, apply the greatest virtue of flexibility. DON’T BE RIGID.

Like a River, whatever challenges comes on our pathway, just keep moving.

3) Don’t live the life of “I”

The word “I” is the most selfish one-letter word.

Everything revolves around I and what does this I stands for?

I stands for expectations.

I should be treated like this, I should be loved like this, I should be respected like this.

We all are living a life of super high expectations. The more we lead a life of I, our I will be always frustrated, because people doesn’t exist in this world to just fulfil your expectations.

Understand that not everyone will fulfil your expectations and avoid this “I” by trying to serve others.

When you want to be served, you’re dependent on people. These people may not serve you, but when you want to serve who can stop you. 

When you want respect people may not respect/love you, but when you want to give respect/ love who can stop you.

Learn to begin your journey from I to YOU. The more you want for yourself will remain frustrated, the more you want to give you will remain happy.

4) Choose Greatness

Destiny is the situations that come to you, which are beyond your control. For example, you didn’t choose your parents, did you ever choose your looks?

So situations are destiny. You didn’t choose them, they came to you. 

If someone comes and insult me, I didn’t choose it, it came to me. This situation is destined. But the response to those situations is my choice. 

Response is not destiny. What I choose is my choice and when I choose it, that decides my future destiny. 

This is why they say, man is the maker of his destiny, not situations. Situations will remain what they are, but how you respond to those situations is completely and entirely your choice. 

You have that situation that is destined. Now you have a choice to work hard, to cultivate that attitude. 

That attitude is not destiny.  That attitude is a choice. And when you choose that attitude, hopefully, victory will come to you right away. Even if it doesn’t come to you right away, you have sown the seed. That will pay back for sure.

This is why persistence, sticking it out is so much essential.

5) Find Real Peace

Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, where there is no trouble,  where there is no hard work, where there are no trials, where there is no tribulations, where there is no difficulties.

Peace means to be in the middle of all mayhem and chaos and yet to stay calm, yet to stay focussed, yet to make that inward journey and isn’t that the story of real-life as well?

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