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From Controversial AI to Mind-Bending Tech: Top AI & Tech Headlines of Last Week


We’re thrilled to have you back for another exciting edition of our AI & Tech Weekly newsletter. As the world of technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, we’re here to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. From groundbreaking partnerships to innovative gadgets, this week’s roundup is packed with stories that promise to inspire and intrigue.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let’s dive into the latest developments that are shaping the future of AI and technology.

  • Microsoft signs deal with Mistral: This deal strengthens Microsoft’s position in the AI landscape as they collaborate with a European competitor to OpenAI.
  • Krutrim launches ChatGPT rival: This Indian startup offers an alternative to the popular OpenAI chatbot, aiming to capture a share of the growing AI language model market.
  • Google unveiled Genie, an AI system capable of generating interactive video games from just a text or image prompt, without any prior training on game mechanics. (Source)

Controversies and Ethical Concerns:

  • Google’s Gemini AI: Google faced criticism after its new AI model, Gemini, generated racially diverse images of Nazis, raising concerns about potential biases in AI development.

New Developments and Advancements:

  • Moonshot AI funding: Moonshot, a company focused on using AI to solve global challenges, raised $1 billion in funding to support its projects in areas like climate change and healthcare
  • Qualcomm unveils AI models for devices: Qualcomm announced over 75 new AI models optimized for smartphones and laptops, aiming to improve features like camera performance and battery life
  • Google open-sources Gemma models: Google released several of its AI models under the name “Gemma” as open-source, making them available for researchers and developers to access and use

Mobile & Gadgets:

  • MWC 2024: The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona showcased new smartphones like the OnePlus 12R and Vivo Y200e 5G, as well as innovative concepts like Oppo’s Air Glass 3 smart glasses and Tecno’s Pocket Go Windows PC with a console-like controller.
  • Lenovo has unveiled Project Crystal, a groundbreaking concept laptop with a transparent micro-LED display. (Source & Video)
  • Apple is reportedly exploring a range of innovative wearable devices like smart rings, AirPods with cameras, and smart glasses. (Source).
  • Energizer Hard Case P28K Phone: This phone boasts a massive 28,000mAh battery, potentially offering several days of usage on a single charge.
  • Promate Panda Headphones: These headphones feature LED cat ears, aimed specifically for children.

Other Interesting Stories:

  • Self-driving car incident: A Waymo self-driving taxi in San Francisco collided with a cyclist, raising concerns about the safety of autonomous vehicles
  • AI research and accessibility: Researchers are developing AI tools to improve accessibility for people with disabilities, such as making websites and online content more accessible
  • Meta’s neural wristband: This experimental device could allow users to type simply by thinking, potentially revolutionizing human-computer interaction.
  • Instagram’s “Friend Map” feature: This feature lets users share their real-time location with specific friends, raising privacy concerns for some users.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week. Keep innovating, and remember, the future is now! 🌟👋

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