All it takes is two people madly in love, who trust and respect each other to make a happy relationship, we agree! Having a partner doesn’t make a relationship successful. Neither do diamonds, flowers or other expensive gifts. These things can’t improve bonding in a relationship. It’s the little things that can make your partner happy and deepen the bond. Also Read Fireproof Your Marriage: 40 Day Love Challenge this helps your marriage grow, maybe even in areas you didn’t realize needed strengthening.

Enjoy Your Time Together

When you guys are together, your loved one deserves your undivided attention. For example: Using your mobile phone when you are out on a date, might make your partner feel avoided. Enjoy every bit of the time, that you guys spend together!

Compromise and Adjust

This is tough, especially in the first few months when you are just getting to know each other. The best way to be happy and keep your partner happy is to compromise and adjust a bit. Instead of expecting your partner to change, you could take the effort for your partner and change yourself if that makes him/her happy. After all, a good relationship is built on compromise and a great deal of give-and-take from both sides.

Be There for Each Other

Being there for each other is the essence of a happy relationship. It lets the other person know that you are there for them. For example, Offer her your jacket when it’s cold, make a hot cup of coffee for him when you know he has had a bad day. They might not always need it, but the gesture will tell them that you understand them and will always be there.

Treat Them Right

Give them treatment that they deserve. Respect their wishes and never force anything that you know they’re not comfortable with.

Spend Time with them

Spending some quality time with your loved one is a sure-fire way to show your affection.

Support them

This is pretty obvious, but it’s important for you to support each other in every aspect that you can. Be it emotional or mental. Relationships only succeed when you are one team, so supporting each other is a vital part.

Compliment Your Partner

Most couples compliment each other only on special occasions. All you need to do is appreciate each other for all the little things that make you happy. If your partner is looking great, you could compliment him/her or if they prepare you a special meal, let them know that you loved it.

Express Yourself

If there’s something that’s bothering you, speak up! Expressing your feelings or problems with your partner is very important. Bottling up your feelings can only worsen things between the two of you.

Forgive and Forget

Every couple has seen ups and downs at some point in life. If your partner has hurt you and if things have changed between the two of you, just forgive your partner. Forgive and forget is the key to a better relationship.