How does Learning Management System help employees in combating cyber-attacks?


When we consider cybersecurity, one of the weakest links found in the entire cyberinfrastructure of an organization is its employees. According to the statistics, 90% of the cyber-attacks occur due to the negligence of employees. It, therefore, becomes the organization’s moral responsibility to strengthen this weak link.

Since the beginning of the human race, human beings have survived due to evolution. This evolution was possible because of the learning ability that a human brain possesses. Learning management system works with the same principle i.e. to learn and evolve.

What is LMS and how does it help?

Learning management system is a software application that is used to provide educational content for the purpose of training, learning or development programs.

The Learning Management System programme created by the cybersecurity companies are developed for creating awareness about cybersecurity among employees. LMS programs based on cybersecurity are developed on the fundamentals of imparting employees with knowledge about various aspects of cybersecurity.

This includes providing insightful content in the form of videos, infographics, newsletters, advisories, case studies, etc. Gamification of content is done to engage and motivate employees to keep up with learning-based modules. With LMS, content is provided to employees periodically. The entire module is summarized with a questionnaire.

Case studies: Case studies help in learning about an incident in detail. These enable employees to learn various tactics and the appropriate response during that incident.

Newsletters: These can include news related to awareness, recent attacks, any development in the field. They are crisp and often provide solutions to the situation.

Videos: These videos contain informative content customized as per the topic. Employees are provided with these videos on a regular basis.

What models of LMS are available in the market?

Cybersecurity companies provide web-based Learning Management System for employees. Some of the most effective LMS programs are:

ThreatCop LMS

Kratikal’s flagship product ThreatCop has a comprehensive Learning Management System program that helps employees in learning about cybersecurity. The LMS is a part of the tool’s second stage called Knowledge Imparting. Employees can login into the tool’s dashboard and access content from the customized Learning Management System. The LMS programs are customized as per the campaign.

Cofense LMS

The Learning Management System developed by Cofense is an effective way of creating awareness among employees. The LMS is developed to reinforce behavioural conditioning and experimental learning among employees.

Knowbe4 LMS

The Learning management system provided by Knowbe4 is served as an in-house LMS as well as cloud service. The program enables the administrator to track the progress of its employees in complete detail.

Proofpoint Wombat Security

With the help of Continuous Training Methodology, helps employees to get a hands-on experience at recognizing and avoiding the number of security risks. The LMS program includes images, articles, posters, etc. to create cyber awareness.

Lucy Security

The integrated LMS program offers web-based training modules including videos, tests, games, quizzes etc. Employees can manage their own content in the Lucy LMS while administrators track their progress in real time.

How does LMS program help employees?

Changing employees’ behaviour

Through LMS, a shift in employees’ behaviour can be noticed. Employees become better at identifying cyber attacks as they start understanding the pattern, methodologies opted by cybercriminals to attempt cyber-attacks.

Learning at your own pace

Employees can finish the entire program on their own pace.

As per the convenience

This allows employees to go through the course content as many times as they require to.

Customizing employees

LMS programs can be customized as per the need of employees belonging to different departments.


LMS eliminates the need to deliver the learning modules separately to each employee. The entire process gets streamlined.

Easy to use

Employees can access the program from anywhere and anytime. This increases the ease of using the LSM program.

Keep a track of employees’ progress

Within an organization, administrator can track the progress of each employee through the LMS portal.

Assessing the progress

At the end of each module, employees are provided with assessments that test the knowledge of employees based on the module covered so far.

How do organizations benefit from LMS program?

96% of the organizations have admitted that LMS has positively impacted their employees and improved their ability to track employees’ learning progress.

95% of the organizations have observed an increase in the capability to train more workforce.

Online LMS helps organizations in the faster implementation of the learning progress.

LMS programs help employees in improving their retention up to 92%.

Organizations observed an increase of almost 8% in employees’ performance.

Learning management system empowers employees with the knowledge required to combat real-life cyber-attacks. Today, organizations are understanding the importance of LMS as cyber-criminals are becoming more sophisticated and advanced in their approach to deploy cyber-attacks.

Author’s bioGracy Williams is the co-founder of InfosecUpdates, a blog dedicated for cybersecurity articles, and is enthusiastically engaged in cybersecurity research for more than a decade. At the moment, she is aiming to share her ideas with the world through the medium of writing.