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How Machine Learning changed the traditional ways of developing a mobile app


Machine LearningThe term Machine Learning was given by Arthur Samuel in the year 1959 and it clearly states that Machine Learning is the use of computers to keep a track of the data in a particular organization.

The use of Machine Learning also further helps the company as it provides the actual status of the system and also provides feasible solutions to it.

 Machine learning in developing an app

Technological advancement has been increasing at a rapid rate.

Nowadays there are many apps where Artificial Intelligence is used which further enhances the productivity in the respective app.

No manual program gets into use, everything gets operated by using Artificial Intelligence.

An example here can be taken of Machine Learning as its primary focus is to create computer programs that can further assist by retrieving the data and solve such problems of data if it encounters any.

Machine Learning is reaping major benefits when compared with other traditional mobile apps as it integrates AI as a part of the overall app.

Implementing Machine Learning for developing a mobile has drastically changed the concepts of app development and call for a transformation in the industry.

Further in this article, we will discuss the benefits of Machine Learning in the development process of a mobile app and everything which revolves around Machine Learning and its use in developing a mobile app.

Benefits of Machine Learning


Machine Learning helps the companies of mobile app development to segregate the users depending on their needs.

Such a customized approach and segregation of users based on their needs helps the company to perfectly build an app which matches the likes and dislikes of the users.

This also facilitates app owners with various ways of interacting with customers by sorting out their problems.

Smart and filtered search

The technology further assists the customers to search their needs and features in the app by enhancing their search results according to the specific requirements such as Blogs, faqs, and more.


ML is the chief ground through which an app owner gets to know about the choices of customers.

The purchasing power along with the products of their choice gets tracked by the mobile apps and then we receive the recommendations of products and things that we are interested in.

How ML Is Refurbishing The Mobile App Development Process?

ML is widely used by the app development companies for their apps which need a customized approach in satisfying their customers.

Machine learning can get integrated into an app in majorly 3 ways:

  1. For using Machine Learning as a part of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. For using large data for making an assumption on the customer’s choice.
  3. For providing customized service to the customers.

Now we have the basic idea of how Machine Learning helps in developing mobile apps. Taking a move forward let us discuss the apps which are using machine learning in their approach and furnishing well this year.

Amazon Machine Learning

  • The top E-commerce mammoth has integrated machine learning to assist the developers in making them learn about Machine Learning and make them aware of the advantages that ML provides.
  • The company has included a toolkit where the developers can visualize which further makes it easier for the developers to make a model on ML that too in the absence of tough algorithms and mathematical calculations.
  • Such algorithms also facilitate strong security and elasticity to construct an ML prototype.

Azure ML Studio

  • The application programming interface (API) is well known in the market.
  • Thus Microsoft Azure allows the users to produce and instruct models and rotate them into APIs for the betterment of customers.


It allows the user to :

  • Develop proper insights of ML so that it appears easy while using it in the app development process.
  • Building specific models that appear perfect along with its high speed, ductile, and declarations.
  • Simple coding of Machine learning helps in defining the configurations that are required.
  • Making a transition between the Central processing unit and graphic processing unit as they have different defined roles.

Apache Singha

  • This is the learning platform that is vast and it includes long data and models. It has a layer that tries to deliver the best experience to the users.
  • It further utilizes CNN and RNN to further assist in deep learning along with its programming which is based on its actual design to get considered as an ideal pattern-based extraction.


  • The use of H2O has a broad range whether it is a small-scale or large-scale industry to provide feasible solutions to the major challenges which are faced in the company.
  • There are various computable features that are solely applicable to this technology. This facilitates the developers to develop an app with the use of the same language and side-by-side with the expansion of the existing platform.

Machine Learning Library

  • A well-built mixture of tools facilitates the ML library.
  • The goal here is to make machine learning more expandable.
  • It includes certain algorithms and benefits which provide maximum satisfaction to the customers.

ML Pack

  • This works on C++ language and ML library which is specially outlined for extensibility along with the easy and speedy functioning which it provides.
  • This C++ language and its tough algorithms help to resolve issues that are faced by several large-scale industries in implementing machine learning into their company.

Tensor flow

  • This ML structure is a non-proprietary software and it got launched in the year 2015.
  • The goal is to provide ease in deploying ML across different platforms.
  • It can get available in any programming language – Java, Python, and Javascript further it becomes radical and prominent.


  • It gets written in Python; it is also an open-source library where appearances assists in the process of creating a model that is successful and has categorization, decline, and depletion.


  • The framework works on the codes of Python and further makes the companies advance their search and explore ML with ease.
  • It is one of the eldest frameworks which makes the overall process of defining, optimizing, and expressing much simplified.

These are the things that will surely transform the machine learning and the current mobile development scenario.

Wrapping up

  • Machine learning, for the time being, is the future of developing an app and which can be changed by any app development companies.
  • Machine learning does not only facilitate the developers to customize an app as per the preferences of customers.
  • ML is a fast, efficient, and secure method where data collected from the users gets used for the betterment of the users only.
  • Therefore almost all the app development companies are making their ways to implement ML in their organization.
  • As technology further helps in boosting the sale and further develops the overall structure of the organization by providing users with a customized experience of their search.

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