Manifestation and Why it Works, Even When You’re Not Trying


Let me tell you a quick, quirky story about Manifestation. I promise, there’s a major life lesson to be learned by the end of it.

About two years ago, I got into a big car crash after an almost 12-hour road trip. My 2008 Mercury Milan was totaled, and after major hassles and insurance claims, I received $4,000. At this point in my life, I was in desperate need of a car because I was driving back and forth from college. But what the heck was $4,000 going to get me?! Oh, just wait until you find out.

After days and days of searching for used cars online, I had no luck considering that my choices were either a 1997 Fords with 3 tires because I could actually afford it, or literally anything else, which I couldn’t afford. After complaining to my mom about my efforts, she contacted her automobile-loving friend to help me out. His first suggestion was a car auction. This is where the story gets interesting.

My mom’s friend Slawek and I headed across Long Island to a car auction one Saturday morning. I literally had no idea what to expect. When I arrived, before me was a gigantic parking lot with rows upon rows of cars. Some looked like that 1997 Ford with 3 tires, but some were actually brand-new luxury vehicles. The deal was, most of these cars were taken by federal banks from people who weren’t paying for them or couldn’t afford them. So, truth is, a lot of these cars were in good shape, but just needed to be sold.

After walking through the parking lot, Slawek and I made our way over to a huge, dimly-lit warehouse that had two open garage doors side by side. As I walked in, I was handed a yellow piece of paper with a number on it, then quickly noticed the plethora of people standing inside the building. The way the auction worked was each car would quickly drive through one garage door and out the other, the auctioneer would auction the given car at a certain price, and then people would bid. Basically, all we knew about each car other than the shape of it, and maybe a hint of what color it was, was the fact that it could drive. Other than that, the warehouse was so dimly-lit you could barely even see the make of the car you would be bidding on.

A few cars drove through the warehouse, and at a certain car, Slawek told me to “practice bidding”. The auctioneer auctioned this given car at just around $4,000, so I went ahead and “practiced” bidding by picking up my yellow card, knowing someone would bid higher after me. Unfortunately, I was wrong… no one bid higher, and I was the proud new owner of a mystery vehicle.

I’m going to quickly take a break from this story to mention a small detail. For the few years that I’ve had my mom’s old 2008 Mercury Milan, I would always drool at cars that were either SUV’s, shiny brown, or expensive. During my free time, I would open up my computer browser and “build” my own cars by first building a brown SUV on BMW’s website, then switching over to building a brown SUV on Mercedes’ website, then finding a few other luxury vehicle websites, and building brown SUV’s there. I would then exit out of my browser, wishing I could have bought the cars online right then and there.

Now back to the story.

After the auctioneer let me know that I was now the proud new owner of the vehicle, I exited the warehouse with Slawek right behind the car. As the car hit sunlight, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a brown Infinity SUV, with orange leather interior. I was stoked…until I saw it up-close. The car was a 2004 Infinity, and long story short, it definitely sat in a flood for probably around 8 years. The only thing the car could ACTUALLY do was drive…barely. Three of the car doors didn’t open, the windows didn’t open, the seatbelt wouldn’t buckle, the seats wouldn’t move, the headlights didn’t work, and the list goes on. It took an extra few thousand dollars just to make the car legal for the road.

Now, here’s the moral of the story.

I manifested this car without even knowing it, and…I definitely wasn’t careful. I didn’t understand at the time that I was manifesting. I didn’t understand that the things that run through my head the most, were manifesting themselves into my reality. If I would’ve known that, I would’ve made SURE to include that I specifically wanted a BRAND NEW, NEVER USED brown luxury SUV. But unfortunately, I left that part out of my everyday thoughts and ended up with a beat-up, broken, old, barely working brown luxury SUV.

After looking back at it, there were a few things I did that were extremely prominent in my mindless manifestation:

  • I had a vision of owning this dream brown SUV
  • I strongly desired it
  • I believed that I could have it
  • I accepted the fact that it will soon be mine
  • I aligned my actions with my goal

But, there was also a major detail that was totally MISSING from this mindless manifestation that completely messed it all up:

  • I did not have a clear intention

So, here’s where we end off. You must understand that you are CURRENTLY manifesting your reality. The more that something is on your mind, the more your mind will believe it is true, and the more it will come to fruition. Keep track of what you think of on a daily basis. Be careful with those thoughts. If there is something you want in life, believe it is true, and believe that it is in arms distance. If there is something specific you are yearning for, describe it to yourself on a daily basis and be DETAILED in your description.

As Chris Daughtry once sang, “Be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it all.” He did NOT lie.

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