The college undergrads from tech background, you gotta read this


The college undergrads from tech background, you gotta read this👇

“Tech background doesn’t mean Tech career”

One of the main reasons, why you’re not able to identify your career interest is,

You’re searching within the boundaries given by your college degree.

If you’re a CS/IT engineering undergrad, it’s not mandatory to build a career in core technology.

After exploring various tech options, if you haven’t found your career interest.

Then break those “tech boundaries” & dive into non-tech domain.

Start experimenting with projects in non-tech domains WITHOUT overthinking about the fact that you’re from tech background.

More you experiment, more you’ll realise what’s good for you.

In fact, you can try combination of tech & non-tech.

One such example is, marketing analytics.

Just explore!

If you think your peers from tech background are doing justice by building their careers in tech & that’s why you should also do the same.

Lemme tell you, doing something just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t come under justice at all.

Because, it’s YOUR career.

It’s about YOU.

So it’s on YOU only to find what’s really interests you.

Whether it’s tech or not💁

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