As human beings, we possess the prodigious power of intelligence. But we surely live in a society that has developed it’s own perceptions. A society where we are born and brought up with certain notions that even if our heart tries to defy, our brain has to accept, since this is what the mass follows and the mass cannot be wrong.

Similar is the case with the concept of overthinking, an activity, or rather a trait, that is looked down upon by the society. We think that it is a problem and it needs to be stopped and this is where lies the real problem. I say why stop? Why not channel it into something more useful and worthy of its potential? I am one of the many overthinkers and I am finally proud to say this. You know why? Because I learnt to accept this as part of who I am. I use it as my strength and not a flaw. Over the past few months I realised that it is infact a boon, to be capable of thinking more than others. But as they say,

With great power, comes great responsbility.

A while ago, I putup a quote about overthinking in a social media platform and was surprised to see the response that I got, that it’s not just me, every second person overthinks. Thinking for me is an expression of emotions to oneself. You can always lie to others but it is not easy to be honest to oneself. So if you are one of them, be happy 🙂

Overthinking is just a painful reminder that you care way too much, even when you shouldn’t.

Now comes the part where you channel these emotions. I don’t say that thinking, about a conversation that you had with a friend, for hours and analysing if what he said was really what he meant, is the right way to go with overthinking. This is similar to you getting a hammer but using it to drive a nail into rocks. It is useless. We just need to replace the rocks by wood. Something more useful would be, for example, using your analytical skills about human psychology to write a blog, maybe something similar to this one 🙂

Let me give you an example. Murders, accidents, bomb blasts, rapes, thefts are all brutal, heinous, wrong judicially, and more important, ethically. Whenever I hear of a news like this my thinking gets diverted to the fact that people know it’s wrong then why do they do it. How can other people let it even happen, over and over. It made me feel helpless, that I am one of those educated better half of the people who cannot stop it. But then I realised, to stop it, I dont necessarily need to go out there and beat up the person who does all that because I definitely dont have the weapons. Maybe I should just use the best weapons that I have, emotions, words, thoughts and overthinking to say the least. I always thought that if such people started looking at things the way I did, it might eliminate the root cause of their wrong deeds. And what can be better, an idea to spread my thoughts, other than my own writings.

Emotions are very strong. While they have the power to bring out the best in you, they can also bring out the worst. Expressing these emotions at the right place and right time, in a right way, always calms them down. Thoughts are the reflections to your emotions. To put it simply, what you think is what you feel. So if you are one of the overthinking people, it simply means that you are more emotional. You just need to calm these emotions down. For that, express yourself in the best possible manner and you will forsure realise the power of overthinking.

Author: Pooja Saraf – An over-thinker/over analyst with lots of random thoughts. Trying to find that extra pinch of salt which can make my life taste just perfect 🙂

Source: Oniverse Publication