Top 10 Resources for Market Research


People, by nature, are the creatures of habit. Whether you want them to purchase a new brand of milk or choose your firm for their new accountant, it’s difficult to make them change their usual decision.

Change is inevitable and scary. So how to nudge people towards your service or product? When you try to think of a new idea, some people may advise you to “go with your gut”, or “follow your instincts”. Following this advice can help you to develop intuition and creative process. But in the world of business, this will only take you so far.

Market research can help you determine if there is an open niche in the market and tell you when and where to place information. The numbers don’t lie. And they guarantee much more than your gut. Market research reaches beyond simply how to sell, it will also inform you what people are saying about your product afterward.

Feedback is key in building a better business model. Discover your target consumer and what they want. Investing time and money in market research is worth it. The world of technology offers plenty of assistance and resources are readily available. We have reviewed 10 platforms that are really worth using.


The American Fact Finder was created by The United States Census Bureau and is the perfect place to start market research. Search for demographic statistics that filters by year, age, race, income and location. Try to understand the basics before you proceed to the more specific questions.


Survata is excellent for customization. Build your own surveys and Survata will find people to take them. Receive information from targeted groups that specifically benefit your business.


Temper is a simple, yet effective market research tool. It allows the user to add appealing pop-up surveys to any site. The one-question surveys provide different smiley faces as possible answers. With just two clicks your customers can tell you how they feel. This strategy can provide long-term results and steady market feedback.


SurveyMonkey is a more in-depth and involved market research tool. Named to Forbes Unicorn list in 2015 and serving more than 25 million clients, SurveyMonkey offers more than just simple data collection. They provide analysis, brand management and consumer marketing features as well (used by Facebook and Virgin). You may also hire online essay writing companies to create surveys to identify your target audience needs.


This survey site is widely used (by companies like Buffer) and offers customizable surveys with answers to all of your analytical questions. Don’t just get the numbers, understand the numbers to better know your customer and so you are able to make smarter marketing decisions.

6. LOOP11

Loop 11 is a user-friendly market research tool. Marketers can easily create personalized tests with templates (no HTML knowledge required) and Loop 11 will send the surveys to targeted groups through email and websites. Afterwards, users receive a comprehensible and useful visual chart of results.


TypeForm’s own tagline is “forms done awesomely” and they are right. This market research resource is perfect for businesses that want to be more visually appealing to their customers. The team at Typeform has one mission: to make your forms stunning and effective. And they do. Thus, creating more clicks and a more memorable experience for your site.


ClickInsights is a simple, effective and no-hassle marketing tool. Send a one-click, one question survey (via email) to any group of contacts. The multiple-choice answers make it quick and easy for customers to give feedback. Include call to action phrases at the end of an email as well to optimize effect and review the visual results to spark new marketing inspiration.


Heat-Map tracking is a different way to monitor marketing trends and results, but it’s highly effective for the right business. With Heat-Map you can track your consumers eyes. You get information on where on your page they are looking, and for how long. Discover what content is performing well and which content is useless to improve your connection to your customers.


Userlytics, like some other companies, finds participants for your surveys after you customize the test. But, with Userlytics users are able to cover any digital asset including video commercials, competitor’s websites, prototype apps, iOS, android and more. Receive results within hours making it one of the fastest tools accessible. (Used by Google, NFL and American Airlines).

Market research is “the process of assessing the viability of a new product or service through techniques such as surveys, product testing and focus groups.” ( So, it makes sense that the tools listed have surveys in common. You need this information for successful marketing practices for any business.

To push your business forward in today’s world, market research is simply imperative to success. Monitoring results and focus groups can take a lot of time; let these resources help you. Use them to save valuable time and make to grow your business.

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