Top 5 Sites To Learn Python For Free


Learn PythonPython is a great language if you want to build highly scalable web applications, ETL pipelines, etc. Learning python is very easy only when you have the right sources to learn from.

I have created a list of the top 5 websites where you can get started with python. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the list —

Real Python is dedicated to python developers and hosts a wide variety of tutorials and articles. A must for a python learner for upskilling.

The tutorials on Real Python are really amazing if you are a beginner or advanced python developer. The explanation of each topic is really good with some hands-on example code in python.

TestDriven is again built by one of the co-founders of Real Python and it hosts some of the best projects and tutorials in Django, Flask, FastAPI, etc. It is a good place if you wish to learn some real-time projects in Python.

If you are just getting started with Python, I think Learn Python will get you out of your beginner’s tag. It will provide you free and basic learning resources for you to get started.

DataCamp is a great website to learn not just Python, but many other programming languages. It will provide you with tutorials, blogs, cheatsheets, etc for you to stay up to date with your skills in python.

A great website to practice python on the go while you are learning. Programiz supports the state-of-the-art code simulator where you can run the code in the browser while going through their beginner-friendly tutorials.

This is a very modern website and you can practice the code within the code simulator provided by Programiz. If you are not a fan of switching websites for the same content, I think programming is where you can learn and practice all in one place.

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