Top Job Roles in the Field of Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing: The Next Step to Your IT Success

For most businesses today, cloud computing is now a critical aspect of the new-age technology stack. Whether it’s part of a hybrid solution or a full-fledged migration to hosted services, cloud computing, and cloud-based infrastructure has become the foundation of the digital economy.

The cloud is being adopted in increasing numbers for business, and cloud computing is expected to become a $300 billion business by 2021 globally. Almost every organization today has adopted some form of a cloud strategy, making cloud computing one of the top sought-after skills.

And if you want to comprehend why you should pursue a career in cloud computing, we can sum that up in one word: opportunity. Cloud has become the second biggest driver of demand for technology skills, with the job opportunities expected to grow to 1 billion by 2022.

Cloud Computing Applications has Spread its Wings Across Industries

Cloud Computing can be imposed on various applications like File Storage, Marketing Platform, Communications, Citizen Service, Backup and recovery, social networking, disaster recovery, Application Development and Chatbots.

cloud computing applications

Roles in Cloud Computing

Some of the Hottest roles in the Cloud Computing field are

  1. Cloud System Administrator
  2. Cloud Developer
  3. Cloud Engineer
  4. Cloud Solutions Architect
  5. Cloud Security Architect

Cloud System Administrator


A Cloud Systems Administrator is accountable for working in a mixed Windows and Unix software environment and has to manage the instances of the cloud infrastructure services and several other cloud servers. An administrator also maintains and leads a multiuser computing environment as per the requirements of the organization. In addition to that, an administrator will have to develop, configure, implement and manage the systems that comprise the underlying cloud platform.

Day-to-day Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Establish metrics and carefully monitor the utilization of resources on a wide scale, and maintain a backup of the cloud resources
  • Deploy automation infrastructure and effectively monitor billing and develop cost optimization strategies
  • Manage disaster recovery processes

The average salary of a Cloud Systems Administrator is over $97,000/year.

Top companies who hunt for Cloud Systems Administrator are AMAZON, IBM, Oracle, Accenture and Microsoft.

Cloud Developer


In addition to the design and development of cloud infrastructures, cloud developers ensure the effective design of business processes in the cloud. They have a deep understanding of cloud architectures, can monitor cloud maintenance, planning, security and usage across the company.

Cloud developers are able to conduct code reviews and tests in a mapping environment, and have an in-depth understanding of service level agreements and are able to set up and apply performance indicators for recording and classifying services performed.

Cloud developers need to be compliant and thoughtful in the way they look at new problems and conflicts because what was considered a bad practice yesterday, could become the standard tomorrow.

Day-to-day Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement cloud infrastructures and advocate on available cloud architectures
  • Monitoring, maintaining and developing workflows and processes
  • Document integration solutions and capture services using performance indicators

The average salary of a Cloud Developer is over $125,000/year.

Top companies who hunt for Cloud Developers are SAP, Dell, CISCO, American Express and Standard Chartered.

Cloud Engineer


Cloud engineers are responsible for evaluating the infrastructure and migrating functions to a cloud-based system. Today, these cloud pros are in demand, as more and more businesses are going digital and shifting critical business processes and applications to various cloud infrastructures.

Day-to-day Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Work with our engineering team to identify and implement the most optimal cloud-based solutions for the company, and manage cloud environments in compliance with company security guidelines
  • Plan, design and develop cloud-based applications, and lead and develop best practices for larger Cloud Engineer team
  • Deploy and debug cloud initiatives based on the company’s requirement

The average salary of a Cloud Engineer is over $128,800/year.

Top companies who hunt for Cloud Engineers are Cargill, Genpact, EY, Nutanix and GOOGLE.

Cloud Solutions Architect


A Solutions Architect is required to deploy applications to infrastructure and to create designs keeping other critical factors in mind like usability, reliability, scalability, and performance.

Day-to-day Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Create cloud networks by connecting remotely located servers, set up both front-end and back-end platforms, and develop an operational cloud-based delivery system
  • Set up cloud storage and computing systems from scratch, ensuring system compliance and security policy adherence
  • Determine the risk associated with third-party platforms or frameworks

The average salary of a Cloud Solutions Architect is over $152,000/year.

Top companies who hunt for Cloud Solutions Architect are BOSCH, SalesForce, HUAWEI, Mindtree and Wipro.

Cloud Security Architect


A Cloud Security Architect is usually a senior-level employee with a long experience of working in the cloud computing field. The cloud pro is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the security structures for an organization’s computer system. In addition to that, a security architect is also responsible for designing security structures and tests for any gaps and faults, and review the entire security system from time to time.

Day-to-day Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Perform vulnerability testing and security assessments and design public key infrastructures
  • Prepare cost estimates and identify integration issues
  • Review and approve the installation of firewall, VPN, routers, and servers, and test final security structures

The average salary of a Cloud Security Architect is over $ 167,000/year.

Top companies who hunts for Cloud Security Architect are Deloitte, HBO, Tech Mahindra, ERICSSON and Nissan.

Final Thoughts

The vast field of cloud continues to blossom into one of the most exciting disciplines in the corporate world, and cloud technologies are drastically changing the way business is done across various sectors and industries. Cloud computing has gained immense traction in the past years, bringing about transformational changes, and faster processes across sectors.

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