What if I don’t feel passion or enthusiasm for anything?


I bet your social feed, like mine, is filled with happy people #LivingMyBestLife – some of these people have life-long hobbies, some contribute to social causes, some are artistic by nature and some have created their home at work; but no matter what they do, they all have one thing in common – they are passionate about something!

I look at them and feel like I am missing something!  A grand passion, maybe? I feel as if I am drifting along without direction or purpose and I need something to provide a strong foundation in my life!

On top of all this, every single LinkedIn or Facebook post seems to be about finding your passion and making it your work! Now, the truth is I have tried to find my passion – over the last 5 years; I have joined art classes, dance lessons, volunteered, read lots of books, traveled – but nothing sparks a lasting interest! I mean it’s fun, but is it my “passion”? Like love, shouldn’t I feel it in my bones?

This is what my search has taught me –

You can’t force yourself to feel enthusiastic about something

Believe me, I know! We are all wired uniquely and just because your friends enjoy art or teaching children it doesn’t mean you will too. If an idea doesn’t appeal at first glance, then chances are that you won’t actually be able to rustle up enthusiasm for it later. The spark has to be from something you enjoy doing or feel strongly about. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out new experiences – which brings me to my next point!

Try new experiences

How will you find your life-defining passion if you just go to work, come back home, watch TV and sleep? It’s important to try new things. You never know when an afternoon spent strolling through an art gallery or browsing on the Internet turns into your mission for life!

Read diverse types of books, travel to different places, explore new websites – when you explore new arenas, you increase your chance of finding something that clicks! At the very least you will end up having some fun!

Meet new people

Along with trying new experiences, you also need to socialize and interact with a diverse set of people. Get out of your comfort zone – attend parties you usually avoid, talk to colleagues, strike up conversations with strangers on the bus, join community groups and travel. The more people you meet and interact with, better the chance of finding something that catches your interest.

Spend time with your self

Cut out the external noise. Spend time alone, think and examine your feelings. When you are trying out new experiences and meeting different people, you also need time to process it all. What do you like, what made you uncomfortable, what would you like to do again? Assess these feelings to get a better idea of what direction you might want your life to take.

There are people who have found their life’s passion, and they all seem to agree on some basics –

  • You need to know your self to understand what you truly love and like!
  • You need to work hard to find your passion; it’s not something that will drop in your lap in a neat little package. You have to keep trying to find things that you enjoy; once you find something you like, you need to find a way to give it a specific form such as turning it into a job. It’s a process, and it cannot be skipped!
  • Be brave! Leap into the unknown. If needed, leave the security of your current life to try something you believe in.

As for me, I am still looking! A few years trying to seek my mission in life left me with some awesome experiences, and now I am living in the moment, taking life as it comes – hoping to encounter my passion someday, somewhere!

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