“You don’t need to travel the world or do big things to live an extraordinary life. Be present. Notice the beauty around you. Be curious. Try the things that interest you. Be brave. Start the things you’ve been putting off. Create something. Learn something. Teach something. And do it all for the love of it.”

-Lori Deschene

How many times have you asked yourself the question, “what’s the point of this all?” I’m sure almost everyone has at least once in their lifetime. It’s actually pretty common. It really isn’t hard to feel stuck in life.

It is so easy to get caught up in our everyday lives. We simply continue doing all the responsible things that society tells us is what we should be doing. Then the days go on and it seems like the same things are happening every day… you know the expression, “same shit different day?” Does this sound accurate? Well, that is not exactly why we were put on this Earth.

Many people are too busy chasing after that bigger purpose. They may think once they achieve that, then they will be happy. They may think once they are successful and have everything they’ve ever wanted, it will create meaning to their lives, but they don’t realize how lucky they already are.

Every human on this Earth simply has the privilege to be living right now. You were put on this Earth for a reason, and it is SO easy to forget about all the reasons why your life is so meaningful. The truth is, everyone’s life is so worth living for.

Our day to day routines can be so hectic that we start to think we’re here just to get by. We eventually forget how to actually live. Do you really know what it’s like to feel fully alive? You can be having that feeling this very moment. You have it inside of you somewhere, you just need to be reminded of all the beauties that life comes with. When people are feeling down, many of them may seek others for acceptance and happiness. But really, all you need is yourself. Being a human being is already extraordinary. This reading will remind you of all the ways you can look within and solely rely on yourself to be reminded of all of the reasons to be alive.

We are human which means we are capable of feeling love

You need to LOVE it. Love your life and everything that’s happening in it. The fact that every human is capable of experiencing that amazing feeling called love, is one of the biggest reasons to be alive.

You know the expression “love makes the world go ‘round?” It is so true.

Begin practicing love. Find things to love, keep it growing, and you will find purpose. Love the flowers that surround you, love that little puppy sitting outside of the coffee shop with his owner, love that stranger that held the door open for you.

It’s easy to be negative when you notice things aren’t going your way. It’s easy to take out all that negativity in a destructive way by spreading hate to others and thinking that everyone and everything is no good. You then eventually start complaining, blaming, and becoming a pessimist. That’s because it’s how you decide to look at life. Bad times pass, those type of people need to realize pain and suffering is a part of life. Learn to look at the good in life, even the people in it. Look for the good in people rather than the bad, compliment someone, start a conversation, be kind, be friendly, and begin spreading more love rather than hate. It will take you places that you’ve never even imagined.

Just remember, there is a lot of bad in this world. There are people spreading crimes, people spreading hate, and people who just hate life. DON’T be one of them. Learn to rise above. Rise above it all. Be the better person. Be the inspirational one. Be the person who reminds others that there is still good in this world. The more we remind others of the good, the more good will come.

You Have a Gift

The great thing about living in this world is that you have the power to be whoever the hell you want to be. Do not, and I repeat do not let society tell you what is acceptable and what isn’t. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to live your life. We have the privilege of being able to be our own person. Take advantage of that. The fact that we have the choice to be whoever we want to be, is what makes us all so awesome and beautiful in our own way. If you like that outfit, then wear it. If you have your own way of doing things, embrace that shit. It’s called being unique!

Since you have the power to be whoever you want to be, you have the power to achieve anything you want. The world is in your hands! Isn’t that exciting? We are so lucky that we can do anything we want to, the only limitation we have is our false beliefs of what we cannot achieve. The only person who is holding you back is yourself. Don’t let your fears stop you. Once you move forward with faith and not fear, you’ll have endless possibilities!

Get out there and make the best out of your life while you’re still here. Don’t get upset over the things that you don’t have, be happy about all the things that you do have.

So, I want you to go ahead and take a walk. Go ahead and appreciate Earth’s beauties. Breathe in the fresh air, watch the ocean’s waves, share a smile, spread some love, and just simply live your life! After all, that is why you’re here.

Author: Andrea Howell