15 Principles of Leadership that will Put You In TOP


Leadership Skills

Here is the 15 principles from the worthy leadership that will put you on top.

1. Be Clear

• Everyone should know what success looks like.
• What’s the north star metric (revenue, users, etc.)?
• How does each role contribute to it?
• Target in hand, people can get to work.

2. Be Ethical

• Good companies need guiding principles.
• Leaders must define them, articulate them and uphold them.
• If you act contrary to principle, you undermine them.
• Give your employees a compass.

3. Be Forgiving

• Honest mistakes happen.
• Once is a lesson; twice is laziness or inattention.
• Dishonest behavior should be treated harshly.

4. Be Rational

• Explain your decisions, especially when people disagree
• Irrational leaders undermine trust.
• If you can’t articulate your decisions, people won’t trust them

5. Be Open

• Assume your team always a better idea than you.
• People will feel heard and want to contribute more.
• This will naturally improve the quality of ideas around you.
• And you’ll notice more of them.

6. Be Transparent

• Remote-first work means people are often alone.
• The imagination can run wild when we don’t have facts.
• This can breed fear and alienation.
• Transparency unites.

7. Be Trusting

• Life is richer when you give people the benefit of the doubt.
• We superimpose narratives on benign circumstances all the time.
• Practice separating facts from narrative.

8. Be Flawed

• When you make a mistake, own it in front of everyone.
• This builds trust and fosters honesty.
• Blame-first cultures are poisonous and lame.

9. Be Brave

• Some people were born with infallible self-confidence.
• The rest of us just show up and do the best we can.
• Fake it until you make it. Then fake it some more…

10. Be Curious

• Follow your energy.
• It’s hard to be great at something you’re not crazy about.
• Do more of what gets you in flow state.
• Delegate the other stuff to people better suited for it.

11. Be Real

• We do better work when connected to others.
• If people can’t get to know you, they have no reason to care
• Be human and find common ground.

12. Reward Outcomes

• It’s easy to be busy getting nothing done.
• The best people find a way.
• The rest react or wait to be told what to do.
• Focus on results to inspire action.

13. Call B.S., Discretely

• It’s tempting to accept answers at face value.
• If you sense something’s amiss, follow up privately.
• Weeks or months can be lost by taking things for granted.

14. Praise Publicly, Criticize Privately

• Great work should be recognized.
• Save critical feedback for 1:1s.
• No one likes being called out publicly.
• It demotivates and breeds resentment.

15. Remove Obstacles

  • What’s holding your team back?
    • Tech backlog? Hire a freelancer.
    • Manual tasks? Find a way to automate.
    • Weak reporting? Get better analytics.

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