24 Mindset that Make you Successful

  1. Money doesn’t attract money. Money attracts thieves. Value attracts money. The quicker you come to terms with this principle, the faster you move up the echelons of life.
  2. Pain motivates people to take action two times more than pleasure. Therefore, your chances of getting rich are two times more if you provide solutions that alleviate pain than solutions that derive pleasure.
  3. The only psychology you need to know to become highly successful is that humans are hopelessly lazy. Therefore, if you transform your mindset even slightly to become action-oriented, you will excel above others in whatever you do.
  4. Do not oversleep when you’re just starting out in business. The business needs to have a life of its own before it can take off and allow you to rest. If you rest before the business starts to walk, the business will die a premature death, and you will also eventually die financially.
  5. To succeed as an entrepreneur, provide a service to people that will make them comfortable and make you uncomfortable. This will motivate them to transfer money into your pocket to enable you to enjoy a comfortable life in the future.
  6. Money has never been a catalyst for success, but an effect of success. Most businesses fail because they put money first instead of the customer. In fact, highly successful businesses only think about customer satisfaction when dealing with customers—never about the money.
  7. Failure in school is not the same as failure in life. Most people who excel in class are good candidates for the job market and bad candidates for the business world. In the business world, failure is inevitable, as you will try many things that will not work. However, if you keep trying and failing, one day you will try something that will work.
  8. Do not seek to be successful. Seek to become a man or woman of value. Success follows value.
  9. Success is not the result of money. Money is the result of success. Similarly, happiness doesn’t follow success—success follows happiness.
  10. Success always stays with the most disciplined and focused person. Not the slob.
  11. To become highly successful you must dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. Not in the academic sense of the word, but in the personal development sense of the word—also known as self-education.
  12. Your mind, body, and spirit are as important to your success as your life. Therefore feed them, train them and nourish them well.
  13. Do not re-invent the wheel if the wheel is still functional. Let others re-invent wheels while you ride in the car.

  14. The secret to success is habit, and the key to success is to change all your bad habits. Bad habits lead to disappointment, failure, misery, and misfortune. Good habits lead to success, excellence, happiness, and good luck.
  15. Never give up as long as you’re pursuing a worthy cause. But then why should you waste your valuable time pursuing an unworthy cause?
  16. Try something at least 20 times before you finally call it quits. By then you should have explored every possible means to do it and learned everything about it. Even then, don’t give up yet. Give it another try and ask around. Maybe there’s someone who has tried it before and succeeded.
  17. Successful people are those people who defeat failure, endure hardship, burn the midnight oil, persist with vigour, overcome shame and conquer their self-ego.
  18. You can never defeat the spirit of a potentially successful person. They understand themselves. They constantly weight themselves on the success scale and they constantly watch their goal.
  19. Push yourself constantly and be consistent to ensure your personal growth. Remember, no one else is responsible for your life—and your life doesn’t belong to anyone else but you.
  20. Put yourself first before anyone else. Love yourself before you love others. If you find a life partner, love them and help them grow if they agree to be helped. Find a partner who is compatible and can build you up—not one that will pull you apart.
  21. No one should ever tell you that you can’t do it. Only you, know and understand yourself better than anyone else.
  22. Don’t be selfish. If you become successful even at the smallest of things, help others to get to where you’ve been. They will be grateful and return the favour in ways you don’t know. Others will be more successful than you and praise you for the rest of their lives.
  23. Not showing gratitude even for the little things you receive in life is selfish. Being grateful for what you have shows appreciation for your blessings and increases your capacity to receive more.
  24. Give away your time. Give away your attention. Give away your old stuff. Give away free stuff. Give away your knowledge. Give away your money. The more you give the more space you create to receive more.