13 PHP Libraries for Every Developer


Well, PHP is a robust website scripting language that is of great help for Web developers allowing them create user-engaging website pages in an easier manner. It allows the web and app developers to use PHP code that has many Website templates and framework for enhanced functionality and features. But you must also realize that to write PHP code can prove to be a tedious task that consumes hell lot of time. Thus, you can reduce the development time by making developers use PHP libraries rather than write codes in order to add features to the site.

So, here we compile a list of 13 best PHP libraries helping web site developers enhance the sites’ functionality in an easier manner while optimizing PHP development time.

1) Dispatch

This simple PHP library defines URL rules that organize your website. You can use this library that enables you match particular kinds of HTTP paths and requests, rendering displays and a lot more. It allows developers to have a robust and simple setup as it combines Dispatch with other PHP libraries that are listed here.

2) Services_JSON

Transmitting human readable data is easier with Services JSON. PHP library’s latest version is highly convenient when you have to transmit data over the server.

3) phpAES

This class implementation PHP code is supporting encryption cipher of 128, 192 and 256 bit AES. The library doesn’t require any other extension when it has to compile into PHP and it’s highly functional and compliant with FIPS 197.

4) PChart

This engaging PHP library is helpful in generating text data in the form of a visual chart and here the data is displayed in the form of bar charts, pie charts and other formats. With the use of SQL queries, the PHP script generates charts and graphs and that is useful in the creation of wonderful charts and graphs.


Yet another significant PHP library, it’s useful in creating automated audio and visual CAPTCHAs, which are totally automated challenges using the Turing test in order to differentiate among humans and bots. PHP 4 compiled with FreeType texy and GD 1 or 2 image generation support is needed by the PHP library.

6) ImageWorkshop

With this ImageWorkshop, which is a great open source PHP library, you get control over manipulation of images with layers. It uses the PHP library in order to crop, resize, add watermarks, make thumbnails and manipulate images in a lot of ways. The PHP library makes it easier to enhance the images that are used in the website.

7) Hoa

It’s a structured, modular and extensible PHP library efficient at creating a link between research and industrial works. It recommends useful paradigms, mechanisms and algorithms in order to ensure reliability of websites.

8) PHP Text to Image

Another of great PHP library, this is useful in converting text into an image as well as it’s significant in a few simple cases like display of email addresses as images are tough to be found in a programmatic manner. PHP library is used in order to lessen the chances of email addresses being up by Web crawlers and it is used as a junk mail.

9) Faker

Quite helpful PHP library, it helps in the creation of fake data whenever required. PHP library is used in order to execute a number of tasks like anonymizing data, bootstrapping database, creation of XML docs and execute stress tests.

10) Mink

Mink is functional in testing proper interaction of Web pages with internet browser. This library is useful in removing API differences between different browsers, hence allows better testing environment to the developers.

11) PHP Thumbnailer

This simple image manipulation PHP library is effective in generating thumbnails. There is no need to install further external libraries and it allows extra control over thumbnails like resizing the thumbnail by height, width, percentage, image rotation and it creates custom crops like square crops from the center.

12) PHP Image Upload Class

Now streamlining the process of image upload into a form is easier with PHP library, which is used by a developer in order to upload image with the use of a file input command. User messages are defined by the developers outside of the class and that helps in localizing via gettext or similar command.

13) phpDocumentor

This amazing auto documentation tool is helpful in the creation of professional documents with the use of PHO code. The PHP library is supporting various different features adding functionality to the site. The few of value added features that PHP library offers comprise of support for incorporating customized documents such as tutorials, linking between documentations, and creation of highlighted source code featuring cross-referencing to PHP general documentation. It’s helpful with automating documentation.

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