5s Japanese Technique To Declutter Your Desk and Increase Productivity


Productivity TechniqueRemember that an unorganized workplace and technique will not only lead to a negative impact and leads to a loss in productivity. Clean, organize, and declutter the workplace for better movement. Organize processes so that your staff will find it easier to move easily from one point to another. Layout the manufacturing floor, and you can quicken the production. This way, you will increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and improve workplace safety.

Here’s what I discovered after reading the 5s Japanese technique for productivity.


Wait, I’ll explain each of them to you one by one…

Seiri = Sort

Sort through all items placed on your desk and remove unnecessary items. Start from scratch if you want a truly clean workspace. Even though it may seem like a daunting task, knowing what you already have allows you to determine what you really need. It may surprise you to find the extra pens, folders, sticky notes, and other supplies you’ve been keeping all along.

Seiton = Set in order

All necessary items such as important docs, equipment, etc. should be in close proximity. Now that you know which items you want to keep and how close they should be, place them in their designated spots. If you want the entire office to look clutter-free, keep your desk area as neat and clear as you can.

Seiso = Shine

Set a frequency and clean your workspace consistently. Declutter your office and keep it that way. You should put items back in their designated spots each day after using your desk. Return binders to bookshelves, place pens in holders, and file papers. You can keep your space organized for longer by tidying up every day.

Seiketsu = Standardize

Standardize the processes for sorting, setting in order, and cleaning the desk. Make sure you follow the 5s technique consistently without fail and continuously improve. Declutter it every week, every day, organise your desk space.

Shitsuke = Self-discipline

It’s always your willpower that keeps you organized. It might be your office desk, house, or your mind, to be organized it’s your inner will and ethics that let you keep going in all aspects. This is called Self-discipline. The consistency and your inner will in maintaining your desk clean and clear.

That’s it!

Decluttering your desk is the best thing you could do before you get ready to fly in the morning and increase productivity…


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