7 Ways To Become A Productivity Jedi


Productivity Jedi

Doing everything on time and with high quality is a useful skill. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, in a leadership position, or planning to start a startup, you can become a productivity Jedi. Here’s how to do it.

Learn to plan.

Banal but effective advice — make a to-do list for each day. Choose a convenient application or start a notebook in which you will throw a to-do list every morning. This simple practice will help you organize your tasks, highlight the most important ones, and complete them successfully.

Analyze your to-do list before leaving work.

Think about why some cases were not completed? Reschedule the next day, or get rid of such tasks.

Say “no”.

Sometimes, by saying “no” to something, you leave yourself the freedom to say “yes” to something else, better. Every choice is a sacrifice for us. If I choose a job, then I am far from my family. When I am with my family, I don’t work. Always say yes to only the best for you.

Make friends with the timer.

A highly efficient person’s best friend is a timer. Plan in advance the time you want to spend on a particular task, and use the timer to track your progress. This will help you get in the right mood and complete the task on time.

Turn off notifications.

Now is the time to get rid of the distractions. Turn off the sound and all notifications on your smartphone, and also minimize the number of irritants on the computer.

During working hours, nothing should distract you from important tasks.

Take breaks between meetings.

Be sure to leave a fair amount of headroom between meetings, never schedule them back to back, even if they are in the same room or close to each other. Life always makes adjustments, time is spent on various household trifles, travel, fees, etc. We are always overly optimistic when we calculate the time, and any delay leads to a shift in the entire schedule.

Practice an hour of silence.

This simple habit will help you set aside time during the day that you devote only to solving the most important problems. Just train yourself to turn off your mobile phone, Internet, and everything that can distract you from work for one hour. Focus exclusively on your work.

Try to observe the “hour of silence” at the same time every day whenever possible to train your brain and also work comfortably with colleagues.

Keep yourself in good shape.

You will not succeed if you do not take care of yourself. The brain works only when the body feels calm. Therefore, keeping track of your sleep, nutrition and rest is the key to success.

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