6 ChatGPT Extensions to Automate Your Life


chatgptUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re definitely aware of how ChatGPT is transforming businesses and how we work and communicate. To unleash the potential of ChatGPT, all you have to do is visit the OpenAI website or use the integrated extensions.

But what if ChatGPT could be used in additional locations, such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Google Sheets, and more?

It is now feasible! Through extensions, ChatGPT’s features can be added to a variety of applications. These 3 ChatGPT plugins will assist you in automating your life.

1) God In A Box: ChatGPT on WhatsApp

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a WhatsApp chat and suddenly you don’t know how to answer a question or run out of ideas to keep the conversation going.

2) Merlin: ChatGPT on Google Chrome

If you want to unlock the power of ChatGPT on Google Chrome, you should download “Merlin.”

  • Summarize content on any website: Select text, press cmd + M, and ask Merlin to generate a summary based on that text.
  • Write professional email replies: Provide Merlin with a prompt that describes the context of an email. Then press cmd + M and ask it to generate text based on that prompt.
  • Master complex Excel formulas: Provide Merlin with a prompt that describes a desired function and ask it to generate a formula based on that prompt.

Link: Get this extension here

3) Use ChatGPT anywhere — Google Chrome Extension

Do you want to use ChatGPT anywhere with ease? Today is your lucky day, there is a great Chrome extension you can use to write tweets, check emails, find code bugs… literally, anything you can imagine!

4) Combining ChatGPT with search engines

If you would rather integrate ChatGPT in your usual search engine, so you have direct answers without having to use its own interface, you can do so as well!

You just need to add this extension for both Chrome and Firefox to obtain direct ChatGPT responses directly in your google searches.

5) Code GPT: ChatGPT on VSCode

If you want to improve your productivity as a programmer, you should download the extension “Code GPT” on VSCode.

6) Integrating ChatGPT in Google Docs or Microsoft Word

You can integrate ChatGPT in both Google Docs and Microsoft Word to have all its power in your preferred text editor using the following GitHub.

As this is the starting stage of the new evolution in the technology, we expect much more wonderful integrations via the Artificial Intelligence in the future.

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