7 Free AI Tools that’ll Save you Hours of Work


Free AI ToolsIf you’re not utilizing AI, you’re falling behind. Here are 7 free AI tools that’ll save you hours of work:

1. Copy AI

Say goodbye to creator’s block! Copy AI helps you put together written content and copy in no time. Their powerful AI produces high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would usually take to write something up yourself.

Link to Copy AI

2. Looka

Why spend hours designing your own logo and branding when Looka can handle all that for you? It’s powerful AI takes into account your industry and design-style to put together a logo that suits exactly what you need.

Link to Looka

3. Lumen5

A tool dedicated to video editing — Lumen5 will make you look like you have an entire editing team behind you. Their drag and drop interface makes the process so simple. They even provide templates to get you started.

Link to Lumen5

4. Scalenut

Putting together SEO-focused written content has never been quicker since Scalenut entered the scene. They also provide templates to speed up the process even more!

Link to Scalenut

5. Namelix

Struggling to come up with a business name? Namelix can help you out with that. Just enter some keywords and this tool will present you with several business names. At the very least, this will spark some ideas to get you started.

Link to Namelix

6. Profile Pic Maker

Need a new profile pic? PFP Maker has you covered! Simply upload a photo and their AI will remove the background and replace it with a vibrant color or pattern of your choosing.

Link to Profile Pic Maker

7. Simplified

Everything you need to run a content creation business in one place! It’s a copywriter, video editor, animator, and social media manager. It even supports 20 languages.

Link to Simplified

Author: Nikki Siapno – Junior ➜ Software Engineering Manager in 4.5 years • JavaScript, React, Python, AWS, SQL, HTML, CSS & more • Sharing tips about getting into tech.


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