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How to Learn Python and SQL to Land a Job in Data Science


data scienceLearning Python and SQL is one of the best ways to land a job in Data Science. Here’s how to do it for free in 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Watch a full Python Data Science Course to learn programming with the best language for data science. FreeCodeCamp’s 12 hour video will take you from zero to competent in Python.

Link to Video

Step 2

Watch a comprehensive SQL tutorial Knowing how to work with databases is the second piece of the puzzle for data science. FreeCodeCamps’s 4 hours SQL tutorial will give you a solid scope of SQL.

Link to Video

Step 3

Take Kaggle’s exercise-based course for data science You will put to practice everything you learned from the Python and SQL YouTube courses.

Link to Kaggle’s Exercise.

Step 4

Learn statistics for data science with IBM’s free course. Data Science is the union of programming and statistics to analyze large datasets & extract insights to apply in biz domains. This course will give you that statistics piece of the puzzle.

Link to IBM’s free course.

Step 5

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Take this comprehensive Data Science course from IBM to put everything all together.

Link to IBM’s Comprehensive Data Science Course

Step 6

Build a portfolio Start with simple projects. Build your way up into more complex projects. With the knowledge learned in the previous steps, you have the foundational skills of Data Science.

Author: Chris Staudinger – College dropout ➜ Software Engineer • JavaScript, React, AWS, Python, SQL, CSS, and more • Simplifying web development and getting into tech.