8 Ways To Build Your Confidence


confidenceMany people believe confidence is key to success, but they do not explain How to build confidence. What it takes to become confident. There are many factors that play to build confidence and finding them is what makes our life worth living for. Here are 8 ways that I think one can become confident.

1. Get Things Done

Building confidence through accomplishments, planning your day, setting small tasks to complete every day and achieving them will give a surge of confidence within yourself. Keep in mind success cannot be achieved overnight and progress is incremental. If you meet your goals every day, chances are, you will meet your weekly goals and monthly goals too. So set an achievable goal for yourself and start working towards it.

2. Monitor Your Progress

Goals that are broken down into small sub-goals will help you be more productive and achievable. Whether you want to change your career, learn new tools or lose weight, keeping track of your tiny achievements is the key to building confidence. Monitoring will not only make us confident but also relieve you from unnecessary work stress and help you be on your path in real-time.

3. Physical Activity

Exercising, playing games or practicing Yoga for at least an hour will help keep you active throughout the day. Physical activities will increase your memory retention, prevent depression, manage stress, and improve focus.

4. Be Fearless

Big Dreams will always make us overwhelmed in the long run, every successful person has gone through this phase, and this is inevitable to all. In those moments, you must look inside yourself, think about the importance of the goal and how much you want to achieve it, keeping the fear aside and keep going with courage, even if it is one day at a time because it’s not failing that is the enemy, it is the fear of failure that holds us back.

5. Stand-up For yourself

When people look down upon you and do not support your goals. Think logically, take your stance and tell those people and especially the voices in your head that you believe in yourself and that you are going to achieve it no matter what. The world is full of people with their own opinions about various things so stop caring about their negative feedback and stay on your course.

6. Follow Through

Actions give words meaning and will help you achieve your objectives, strengthen your relationships and eventually you will feel proud of yourself. keeping your Thoughts, words and actions in sync with your goals will make you a good leader.

7. Think Long-Term

Decisions made for short-term comfort will delay long-term goals. For example: if you want to lose weight you should not eat junk food or if you are trying to save money then you must stop spending on entertainment. Big goals require big sacrifices; you must discipline and keep auditing yourself frequently to find the flaws and rectify them. At the end of the day, you must decide whether short term comfort is more important than long term happiness.

8. Do More Of What Makes You Happy

What is your dream that keeps you awake? What is it that you want to do all your life and can keep you going throughout the day without fatigue? Be it cooking, writing, teaching etc. Whatever it is, make time for it, and enrich your life.

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