Best Light Weight Browsers For Your Windows PC


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers around the world, because of its integration with various google service and support for numerous add-ons and extensions, chrome become a resource hog. We accept chrome is one of the fastest browser, but it consumes more RAM to retain that title. In this article, we bring you few alternate browsers that you can use as an alternative to Chrome or you can use it as an additional browser for browsing your favourite websites, without compromising your computer’s RAM


Website: Download Falkon Browser

Falkon (QupZilla previously) is an open-source light web browser developed by KDE. It was mainly developed for the Linux operating system, it is also available for windows. Falkon browser consumes lesser system resources than the other major general-purpose browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

It is a feature-rich browser with inbuilt ad-blocker and having Duck Duck go as default search engine.

Knowlab View: If you are an internet surfer or using different browsers for different purposes, Falkon is for you, we assure you won’t regret it.


Website: Download Microsoft’s Edge Browser

The new updated chromium-based Edge browser is the talk of the town, it is faster and convenient similar to chrome and uses lesser RAM. In terms of add-ons and extensions EDGE has to improve, but in terms of browsing speed, it can surely compete with Chrome.

Knowlab View: After the downfall of Internet Explorer, Microsoft tried so many trials with IE and finally came up with Edge, with their own browser engine, but it failed to make an impact. Recently they switched to chromium engine that seems positive for the Edge era. We recommend our readers to try Edge and you will find a difference for sure.


Website: Download Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is a cross-platform web browser built on Chromium, it’s fast and consumes less RAM, it supports all chrome extensions and Add-ons. It comes handy when multitasking and Vivaldi is bundled with a lot of in-built features like mouse gestures, notes, easy handling of tabs, multitasking.

Vivaldi can be a productive tool with its in-built functionalities.


Website: Download Brave browser

Brave is one of the opensource browser and gives priority to the privacy of the users. It has inbuilt Adblocker that removes advertisements. It consumes less data when compared to other general-purpose browsers. Brave reward program allows the users to get paid for browsing the web. Brave provides multi-platform support and fast while surfing the internet. It has inbuilt VPN and you can enable TOR browser features on brave and surf the internet anonymously.


Website: Download Opera Browser

Opera is the underrated browser ever, it is one of the oldest browsers, you might recall using opera on your old java mobile phones. Over the years opera enhanced their browsing experience and comes with a lot of inbuilt features, it is one of the lightweight browser and you can use it along with slow internet connections.


These five browsers are our suggestions to overcome the RAM consumption of the google chrome. We hope it really helps users who maintain different browsers for different purposes too. Compromising google chrome may not suitable for all users, but we hope these browsers worth a try and we are sure it will definitely make a difference to your browsing experience.

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