Are YOU feeling LOW in Life?


love lifeFeeling low in life is a very common occurrence when we find ourselves in a state of “limbo.”

The feeling that a door has closed behind us, and the one ahead is not yet open.

For many people, this sense of loss of purpose and often identity, can be devastating and paralysing.

I have been there several times in my life.

This has always worked for me:

1. Set tiny daily goals: get out of bed, shower, brush teeth, get out of pj’s, eat, attempt a little walk outside. These little accomplishments helps to gain confidence within you.

2. Acknowledge your feelings, even it is positive or negative you have to accept it. You must understand everyone in the world around you goes through this phase. Journal out your thoughts.

3. Have some form of interaction with humans: text, call, social media. Set virtual hangouts with friends.

4. Avoid watching too much news.

4. Find anything to smile about.

This can take several days to achieve.
Once you can manage this small routine, build up to a bigger routine.

Feeling low can seem like being trapped in a bottomless pit.

Please don’t despair; it’s TEMPORARY.

Don’t avoid it; embrace it. Take care of your mind.
Live it to survive it!

Stay strong everyone. These times too shall pass.

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